El Camino New Grad 2018

  1. Just wanted to see if anyone else here applied to the El Camino New grad program. Apps were open I believe mid-late september, with cohort starting in January.

    Keep us updated if you did apply and have any news! (:
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  3. by   wrl3828
    I applied to this new grad program as well. I have not heard anything in the last month....I cannot seem to find any updates or anyone else that applied! Glad to find at least one other person! I am anxiously waiting to hear something.
  4. by   chocolatebuns
    Glad to find another applicant as well! I heard they should be reaching out soon, I plan on calling HR tomorrow to see if I can get some more details. Will post any info here!
  5. by   shell RN, BSN
    I also applied and have yet to hear anything. I called HR a couple of days ago and they said they will start notifying mid October. I hope we hear soon! Good luck!
  6. by   wrl3828
    Thanks for sharing the information you know! The application portal is not very detailed and I was wondering if something was wrong with mine! Ha.
  7. by   hwesterly
    Hey, I'm in the new grad program now, message me if you guys have questions ! As far as I know no calls have been made
  8. by   wrl3828
    Thanks for letting us know. I am curious how many spots did they have when you entered the program? Also how do you like it?
  9. by   hwesterly
    They hired 8 in my cohort. So far I'm loving it! It's extremely supportive, 10 week preceptorship along with 8 weeks of didactic (1x/week). It's a really great hospital for new grads
  10. by   vic42975
    Thanks hwesterly! I'd PM you if I could (mine's disabled because of lack of quality posts? new rule?). I'm surprised they only hired 8, that's such a small number! How many did they interview in total? And what units are available?
  11. by   hwesterly
    I heard they interviewed around 60 for first rounds and 30 made it to panels but I have no idea how accurate those numbers are. The different units are ED, medical, surgical/pediatrics (though it's mostly a surgical floor with only a few peds patients), Med/surg oncology, and med/surg ortho
  12. by   hwesterly
    I don't know if they'll be hiring onto those same units this time though
  13. by   chocolatebuns
    I believe calls are starting to be made right now
  14. by   SanFranciscoRN
    Hi everyone! I received a call yesterday inviting me to interview for L&D next week.