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Hi everyone! I have been an LVN for 2 1/2 months, and for those 2 months I worked at a large hospital system here in San Antonio, Texas. I got a job offer from another facility, closer to... Read More

  1. by   caliotter3
    Well, it has been three years since the OP. Wonder if Dave ever tried to get back with that hospital group and what happened.
  2. by   heartbrokenRN
    I am so sorry this has happened to you! How is it possible that hospitals have a "Do not hire" list?! This definitely sounds like something that needs some legal action.
  3. by   littleneoRN
    I know the OP's situation is old, but here's something to know if you're a newer RN or LPN reading this. If you leave a position after a short period of time (which I would personally define as a year or less) and/or leave without a minimum of 2 weeks notice, you should expect to be on that facility or system's Do Not Rehire list. (Yes this is legit and legal.) It's kind of common sense. It costs a typical hospital $50,000-$80,000 to find, hire, and orient a nurse without prior experience. If he or she doesn't stick around long, this is a big money loser. Obviously, there are legitimate reasons for leaving after a short time, but don't expect that facility to take a chance on you again. Think carefully before leaving a job after a short time, and then do so only if truly feel this is the best decision for you. I hope that the OP made the best decision for him and that all has worked out ok.