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  1. Hi all, I'd like your input into the kind of job I could do with my background and education. I graduated from an ADN program and will have one year RN experience in June. Before nursing, I was a faculty member at a community college teaching adults in the Early Childhood program, and also taught children in preschool. I did this for seven years before wanting a change. I still love teaching adults and children, and I'd like a job combining that with my nursing degree/experience. Any thoughts? :kiss

    (I have an associate's degree in Early Childhood Ed, plus one year of classes towards an accounting degree. What can I say, I love school......)
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  3. by   willdgate
    You could try Nursing education in hospitals....Diabetic Educator
  4. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    In most universities and colleges, if not all, the standard to teach nursing is a masters in nursing. You could probably teach a LPN class or LNA class with a BSN though.

  5. by   cuddlebug
    I don't know the name of the job but I know of a nurse who travels and gives lectures for continued educational seminars.-for nurses. She travels to others states-paid traveling expenses and makes $500.00 per seminar. I think you have to go through a class to start doing it. I can find out more if you want.
  6. by   nj1grlcrus
    How about working in a clinic, maybe one attached to a hospital, where teaching patients what to do at home is vitally important. You maywant some sort of community-based nursing job, and I think there are many nursing jobs that need your skill set. Discharge nurse, that kind of thing. Or working with diabetics to manage their blood sugar, the list is probably endless, think about it, they don't keep people in the hospital very long these days, patients have a real need for education before leaving to manage their conditions.
  7. by   meandragonbrett
    You could work with a physician and round for him? You could obtain your BSN and be a clinical instructor in an AD program. Staff development, Nurse Education, Bed Control, Case Management (around here they want BSN), or utilization review.