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I am in the seat, feeling comfortable, calm (even though I have went through enough security to enter Fort Knox). I read through the instructions as to not miss anything. "You have 6 hours...." ... Read More

  1. by   Adobo2009RN
    I know you will be very supportive of him...goodluck... still waiting.

    Quote from paramedicnurse
    Here I sit seeing myself only it was a year ago. The first darned question was the dreaded select all that apply; " WHAT THE HELL IS THIS" I was screaming in my head. I thought they started easy and progressively get harder. NOPE, start hard and only get harder, and I didn't get only the 75 questions and shut off. I made myself not look at the screen and when I couldnt take it a single second longer I looked at the question number at the bottome right hand corner,,, it read 77, that is when I nearly got sick. Why didnt it shut off, omg it hadnt shut down I knew I was done for. Well at question 83 it shut off, and I thought the same thing. Oh god, wait I can prove that I know more than the three questions I was sure I got right. I went out of the testing center knowing I failed, what kind of number was 83, no one gets 83. I called my husband and he actually had the nerve to laugh at me while I was balling my eyes out. He was doing the standard placating that husbands do when they want you to stop crying. Well I have news for him! in the summer of 2011 I will get even with him. That is when he takes his own NCLEX, after entering nursing school at the ripe old age of 40.:wink2:
  2. by   KayceeCA
    I could've written this...10 years ago! It seems so long ago in some ways, but in others it seems like yesterday.

    Congrats on passing!
  3. by   happymommyx4
    I really enjoyed reading this, at least the page or two that I had time to make it through. I am a 33-year-old stay-at-home mom and an Army wife (full time job right there). Oh, did I mention that I have 4 children and the oldest is 10?

    I have most of my prerequisites completed from back in the day when I went to college the first time. I will spend the 09-10 school year completing any additional courses that I need. Though I am not required to, I think I will take A&P over again. I am going to take a few math courses as well because although I am applying to an AS program, I do plan to go on to earn a BSN and college algebra seems to be a standard requirement. Depending on whether or not my college of choice will accept a few courses for transfer, I will apply to the nursing program for fall 2010.

    I just completed a very intense 2-year program online so I can at least say that I am adjusted to the horrors of online learning. I was fortunate to find a college that is within 30 minutes of the base we're stationed at that not only accepts military orders military orders as proof of residency for tuition purposes, but also offers every single course I need online! So until I am actually in the nursing program for a 4 quarters, I can attend school online.
  4. by   deleern
    wow... flash back.... your story describes my experience except my Daughter was in labor with my first Grandchild... My mother drove me because my concentration was minimal if that.

    Can't remember anything except thinking I can retake the test in 45 days. and that is behind me l NEED to get back to my daughter.

    the Best Part of the story is I made it back in time to be there for my daughters Labor and the birth of my grand daughter AND the next day I found out I passed!!!

    I all ready had an RN job so that was a blessing as well.
  5. by   wyopsychnurse
    I am a 39 year old RN grad myself! I took the NCLEX yesterday and had to drive home 3 hours. Thank goodness I had my sons first baseball playoff game of the season to keep me busy last night. Today I am going crazy. I am taking the kids hiking and hope that will keep my mind busy. Tomorrow I go back to work where I have been working for 3 weeks as a GN. I left the NCLEX feeling positively pitiful. All the good test scores, all the well done care plans, all the skills that I perform daily do not matter anymore. It has all come down to this one test, this one day. I cannot imagine the humiliation of walking into work begging them to keep me on as a LPN until I can test again (45 days). So, I will believe that I passed, I will believe that tomorrow there will be an RN behind my name. I will know that I did all that I could to prepare, not just for the last month but for the last several years. I wish there was a way to make this process less painful and more positive (I guess I thought the same about nursing school). Good luck to all of you.
  6. by   flipgator
    Congrats to all who passed the nclex and to those who will take it....i just accepted at my local nursing school so hopefully ill take my nclex in the summer of 2011 yikes!!!! and im 40yo...btw, whats the 75 Qs? do u have to have 75 Qs correct and then it shuts off? how many Qs are there altogether?
  7. by   tolerantgirl
    Congrats! Hey, have you ever thought about being a writer?
  8. by   lele2be
    I'll be starting the nursing program august 2010!! I can't imagine how I will feel BEFORE,DURING, and AFTER the exam! I'm already a nervous person so I will be on edge! This was such a great story!! CONGRATS too!!
  9. by   LuvofNursing
    I had hoped that "pre-NCLEXers" would find their way to this article. I wrote it for my classmates, bc I wanted them to know how horrible i felt, so that they could see it is normal. I was the 2nd one to take it after graduation, I had very good grades, did well in clinicals, and I really, really felt horrible (and vulnerable) after the test. So, my hope was to show them that passing and feeling horrible very possibly go hand in hand.

    And as far as thinking about writing, yes, I have. I have casually written my whole life, and I have found my niche with short stories. I have learned that I have ADD tendencies, which makes it difficult for me to come up with endings. My best stories are those written in about 30 minutes start to finish.

    I don't know if any of you know Rick Reilly, but he writes for Sports Illustrated. He is the one who writes on the last page of each magazine. I have hopes to write something exactly like that for a nursing journal/magazine.

    This, of course, would only supplement my first love....nursing.

    Thanks for reading, and I love to hear how so many people can relate!
  10. by   CHINBLK
    Oh man these great stories has me so encouraged! I am 36 years old, done with all my pre-requistes and is trying my hardest to get accepted at into a nursing program. After reading these posts I feel so rejuvinated to continue trying. All of your stories has inspired me and has given me faith that, I too one day will write about my experience in taking the NCLEX exam.

    Thank you so much for your truly inspiring and humprous stories. Look for mine in the near future(God willing)
  11. by   tulpen1234
    mine is a similar story, except I know that the NCLEX has 265 questions!!! I had to answer them question 175, I knew I was getting them all. Quite frankly after about 200, I think I was just picking something. I had taken the LPN boards the year before, so I was not necessarily nervous. The LPN NCLEX turned off at 75 and I passed. After the RN NCLEX I got ice cream and had to drive 2 hours home. The next 3 days were hell for me and everyone around me, LOL. do I cry now or later, I did not know if I would be able to take the boards again anytime soon, I was moving to Germany to be with my spouse in one month. when I saw my name as a licensed RN for my state, I cried, my family tought it was bad news they were going to hear. it was the best feeling knowing all that studing paid off!
  12. by   wyopsychnurse
    As it turns out, I will not have to beg my manager to keep me on as a LPN because I PASSED the NCLEX. All the struggle, anxiety and beating myself up was not really worth it. I am so thankful that you posted your story because it is the normal feeling after the NCLEX to feel like you did not make it. I ave heard that from so many people. I love my job and working the last month as a GN has cemented even further why I went to school and made a mid-life career change. In some ways I feel like those of us with "life experience" are better prepared in an acute care setting. It is certainly easier to avoid getting caught up in the drama that so often happens. Thanks for your words of wisdom and encouragement from another "30 something" who can relate to NCLEX hell.
  13. by   BCgradnurse
    I could have written this article, althought not as well as you did!! I was a forty something RN grad taking the NCLEX last summer, and I came out convinced that my exam stopped at 75 cause it only took them that long to figure out how stupid I was!!! I paid the extra $$ to look up my results on line, and they somehow got lost. 8 days and millions of calls later, I found out that I had passed!! Now I sit waiting to take my FNP certification next week, and those old scary NCLEX feelings keep coming back!!

    Thanks for expressing how everyone I know felt after taking the exam!