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  1. Hello -

    A while back there was a thread in which someone mentioned a website for med students that helps with choosing a specialty, but none of us knew the site's address at that time.

    I just found such a website - but then I couldn't find the old thread. So here is the link for anyone who is interested:

    Granted, it's for med students, but maybe it can serve as a piece of the puzzle for RNs who are trying to figure out the same thing...

    It's 130 questions long, takes about 15 minutes.
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  3. by   RN_2_B_5/2004
    Took the test, and found out that my chosen specialty was ranked #3 on my results. Kind of fun to see where you fit.
  4. by   fergus51
    Wow! That was waaaaaaaaayyyyy off for me (ranked my specialty as 17th!). Just goes to show there is a big difference between medicine and nursing.
  5. by   KarenAR
    What were your results? (And Fergus51, please remind me of your specialty!)

    Dermatology was my #1 match. Good thing I'm in Miami where there are dermatologists on every corner! tee hee!

    Would love to hear other people's results!
  6. by   fergus51
    I do OB and NICU. It had all my tops as being surgical stuff like ENT, plastic surgery, etc. I HATE the OR.
  7. by   lilbiskit78
    Yikes, neurology was my #1!! We don't even have a neurologist at the local hospital LOL! Peds was my #7 (one I am considering), but the other, OB, was way down the list. Some of the questions were asking the same thing.....interesting though!
  8. by   happystudent
    It ranked Emergency medicine #25 and thats my dream job. "aparently" UROLOGY is my forte..........yukkkkk!
  9. by   leraern
    I took the test. Very weird they kept asking the same questions over and over. It ranked me OB/GYN #10. That's my area!! Oh well!!
  10. by   LadyT618
    It was quite interesting and like lilbiskit said, a lotta the questions were repeating. I have an interest in OB/GYN, but that came #20 on the list for me. I also have an interest in forensics, but didn't see it at all.

    They say my number 1 specialty is Radiology, followed by nuclear med......WOW!!! Never really thought about Rad at all.
  11. by   Energizer Bunny
    My number one was plastic surgery with OB/GYN (what I want to do) my second, so I guess I'm planning correctly. Didn't understand the point of all the duplicated questions, especially since I was trying to get three kids to be settled enough for me to concentrate on it! LOL!
  12. by   KarenAR
    I also thought it was interesting that the questions repeated. Wonder how the scoring works? Some of the repeated questions used slightly different wording (i.e., "I enjoy listening to people" vs "I am a good listener," etc.), and I thought that was really interesting. Some were repeated verbatim, though - maybe they wanted to see how firmly you were "most" or "least" like those statements - how much your answer was a reflection of your mood at the moment of the question vs. a reflection of your true traits.

    Anyway, if nothing else, it was helpful in reminding me of how MANY different areas there are to go into. Like LadyT618 said, there's that element of "Wow - I never thought about THAT area before!"
  13. by   lovinghands
    Hehe...Rheumatology of all things was my #1 - I wonder if that would include Ortho, which I have strongly considered. #2 was general internal med.

    I have decided not to specialize right away - I have many areas that I'm interested in but I prefer to have a year or two of med/surg under my belt beforehand.

    Great test...thanks for sharing it with us.
  14. by   LauraLou
    Interesting test. It listed pediatrics as my best match, which is what I want to do. Good thing I'm not interested in surgery, as it ranked last.