CHOC RN Residency June 2017

  1. Hi all! I was wondering who else is applying to the CHOC New Grad program for the June 2017 cohort. I've been checking the website and nothing has opened up. Anyhow, let's keep each other updated here and good luck to all my fellow new grads!
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  3. by   Carpiogirl1
    I have been checking as well. I believe last year people started applying mid March.
  4. by   Schuylerjungbsn
    Hello! I was planning on applying in June as well. I have been informed by classmates who are choc employees that there is a possibility of this cohort being postponed or moved back because they are saturated with new grads. Disappointing possibility, but I wanted to pass along the info.
  5. by   Carpiogirl1
    This is disappointing . Thanks for letting us know.
  6. by   Schuylerjungbsn
    You never know though! I will continue to look until I know for sure.
  7. by   Peds_new_grad
    Hi there,

    Any word on CHOC opening up an RN Residency anytime soon?
  8. by   Schuylerjungbsn
    I have only heard rumors from my friends who work there but nothing official.
  9. by   Schuylerjungbsn
    Supposedly application opens on Wednesday. Originally I was told today but then it changed so just look out on their website this week.
  10. by   Peds_new_grad
    Thank you so much for the heads up! Would have completely missed it.
  11. by   Schuylerjungbsn
    Of course! The information has been very back and forth but I am lucky to have classmates who work there and are getting the latest info. This is supposedly for an August start date and there will be 35 total spots.
  12. by   KPum214
    Good morning everyone! I just checked today and nothing yet....When I called last week they told me that they are not sure when the applications will open, but if they are going to have a September cohort it usually opens 3 months before. I will continue checking the next few days/weeks...hopefully it opens soon!
  13. by   Peds_new_grad
    Application is now open!
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  14. by   Schuylerjungbsn
    I just applied. First choice NICU and second choice CVICU. I work next door at St Joes and would love to move to CHOC next door!!