Applying outside of NCLEX state license??

  1. Hi everyone! I am a new grad and recently passed the NCLEX in NY. I am going to start my journey of job hunting and I am expecting the worst, to keep myself sane, especially these days. I am confused as what to do: I live within the close borders of NJ and CT. I am willing to apply to both states if I have to resort to that. My question is, I heard that a NY license is pretty much "accepted" everywhere. Prior to applying to hospitals outside of NY, do I already have to hold that hospital's state license? For example, possess a NJ license before putting in my application, or is that AFTER getting hired?? ANY assistance w/ this issue would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    Unless the state where you're licensed and a different state where you might work are compact states (, you would need to get a license in each individual state. NY is not a compact state; the license is only good for NY. If you want to work in NJ, you need an NJ license. Same with CT.
  4. by   klaloan
    Ohhh okay, thanks so much for that 411 LunahRN! Now I you know if I should obtain an NJ and/or CT license BEFORE applying? or after being hired do they give you time to obtain their state's license? Sorry for all these questions, it's just that they never bothered explaining any of this stuff in nursing school, which I wish they would educate a little more on topics like this.
  5. by   33762FL
    In theory, you could be hired while still in the endorsement process to NJ or CT. However, in a tight job market, you'll be a more competitive applicant if you either hold a current license in the state where you're applying, or at least sent in your endorsement paperwork and fee. You can't work in the state without a valid license for that state, so if you're serious about trying to get a job in NJ or CT then you're best bet is to put in the endorsement paperwork. I'll warn you though, NJ (at least Northern NJ) is a tight market, especially for new grads and especially if you want to work in a hospital.
  6. by   RainMom
    You might call the hospital's HR & ask if they will consider an application before you have a license in that state. I just interviewed for an IN job while holding an IL license, but can obtain a temp permit while waiting for the endorsement to go thru. I'm told I can even get the permit same day if I make the trip to the state office at Indy.
  7. by   prepcub
    I live in Missouri but went to school in Kansas and have a Kansas license. Given where I live is on a border town, I went ahead and got the Missouri license. It has helped when talking to recruiters...I think they'd understand but like another poster said it makes you more competitive.