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Hi all!! :nurse: I am a new grad ready to start my new job soon, however had a question for you, the recruiter called me and asked if I wanted all nights or day/night mix shift.... I have... Read More

  1. by   kdnewbo
    I agree with posters....take all nights. Your body has a hard time flipping back and forth, and once you get used to nights, you will LOVE it!! I've done a mix, straight nights and straight days, and I will say that straight nights always was the best!
  2. by   froggy8
    Thanks for all the advice! I will def buy the dark curtains and probably try the earplugs tho I am always afraid I might not hear my alarm clock ring with them on haha...
  3. by   joanna73
    The earplugs block out annoying back ground noises, but you can still hear. I hear my alarm going off just fine with them in.
  4. by   Piglet08
    I wouldn't want to try to switch back and forth, myself, but I have a friend who does it at the VA and somehow she manages. I'd be a total zombie.
  5. by   KelRN215
    I have been working a day/night rotation for over 4 years and it is miserable. I'd switch to permanent nights in a heartbeat. HOWEVER, the advantage of being on days when you're new is that there are more resources around.
  6. by   Creamsoda
    Ill be the odd one out. I used to work mixed. It was 3 days, 2 nights then a stretch off, I loved it, Or if you worked like a few weeks of days, then a few weeks of nights and it switched like that, thats bearable. But because if it was me, I detest nights, I cant get back to a normal schedule on my days off, so any days I work I take. Liuckily now im perm days. Thanks god.
  7. by   Yiggs
    Congratulations! I too think you should stick to one shift as it's difficult for your body to regulate your sleep cycle when you are going from one shift to the other. I have worked both shifts at different times and I like each for different reasons.

    I liked night shift because it goes at much slower pace in terms of ADLS, catering to visitors and it definitely has less traffic - doctors, nurses, case managers, students etc. The downside was although I started nights as a new nurse, because there was less staff I found that I had to be mentally and clinically prepared at all times to take charge if someone called in or to act prudently in an emergency situation despite the little experience that I had.

    I preferred days because I was able to sleep in my bed at nights - I hate not being able to go to sleep at will because of obligations! The down side to working days was that I worked like "a Hebrew slave" as we say on my job. There are a lot of unnecessary demands made on you on day shift by Supervisors, Head Nurses, Doctors, visitors and patients alike. On the other hand when I started out on days I learned much more and was exposed to the various in-services and clinical rounds.

    Long and short of the story is that nothing beats a good night sleep!

    Good luck!
  8. by   meltnpointofwax
    do NOT mix! i did this for a month as a tech and i was a complete wreck. now that i'm done nursing school i'm applying for all night positions because 1. more $, 2. manager not lurking over your shoulder, 3. generally slower so more time to learn. yes, adjusting to the sleep schedule will suck to adjust to but i think it will be worth it in the end
  9. by   leaannf
    I am starting 7p-7a, 3 in a row. I am curious how to manage my days/nights off.
    IS Staying up late at night, up for 4-5 hours w/naps during the afternoon a good plan? Other ideas?
  10. by   froggy8
    That is a good question LEAANNF. How would one get to reverting onself to doing nights? or at least what is a good way?? thanks!!
  11. by   malapata
    I like the variety of working both day and night shifts! We do self-scheduling at my job though and I can group my nights together so I'm not flip flopping back and forth between nights and days... More resources and things to see on days, but nights provide an intimate environment to get to know your coworkers and also opportunity to practice skills such as blood draws and IV insertion. Good luck whatever you decide!
  12. by   leaannf
    So the weeks you work nights, do you stay on that sleep schedule throughout the week. I assume you work 12's.
  13. by   cityknitty_RN
    Straight nights. Flipping is brutal. And nights is pretty fantastic Although, I've never been one who liked day shifts anyway. Straight nights is easier on the body than trying to flip between sleep schedules. I know this was later than you wanted, but just wanted to throw in my two cents!