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  1. meltnpointofwax

    Mayo Jacksonville nursing graduate orientation program

    Mayo is a huge hospital and there are several around the country. I don't know if they hire lpns
  2. meltnpointofwax

    Chance of ADN to get a Hospital Job?

    if you want to get your masters, then sure obviously you need a BSN. but if you want to work on the floor, an ADN is sufficient and sometimes better. my friends at the university complain that they don't get as much clinical experience as i do. they're doing a lot of paper writing and busy book work instead of spending as much time as possible on the floor. just remember, that a patient will never say you're a bad nurse because you don't have a bachelors degree. in an ADN program, you will learn the important things first. you can always do an RN-BSN bridge program to learn how to do research later.
  3. meltnpointofwax

    Salary to expect as a new grad nurse

    this is really sad. I'm an ACP (like a CNA) in florida and I make 14.90. RNs deserve way more than 15 bucks an hour.
  4. meltnpointofwax

    Chance of ADN to get a Hospital Job?

    I think it just depends where you are. I live in florida, and i'm graduating from an ADN program in december. I work at a magnet hospital as an ACP, and my manager said he hires majority of ACP's on (from ADN program) after they graduate. I've met many, new and old, with only their ADN. the only place around here I've seen where a BSN is pretty much required is at the children's hospital. I think you'll do fine finding a job with an ADN :redbeathe
  5. meltnpointofwax

    How to survive 1st year of nursing school

    not sure if anyone said this yet, but... MAKE FRIENDS WITH YOUR FELLOW NURSING STUDENTS!! a lot of people have this attitude like "i'm not here to make friends, i'm here to become a nurse!" nursing school would not have been possible without the classmates that have become true and wonderful friends! they helped make it fun :) be nice to everyone because you can all count on one another. and plus, it's nice to have people that understand your frustrations, people to study with, cry with, and drink beer with after finals :cheers:
  6. meltnpointofwax

    Are there any books i can read to better understand Med-surg class?

    i'm in peds right now and have a book called "straight A's in pediatric nursing" which is amazing. i saw on amazon they also have a straight A's in OB and another one for med surg. if they're anything like the peds one, they'd be very helpful!
  7. meltnpointofwax

    FSCJ Summer 2011 Hopefuls

    cutoff for fall 2010 was 202.something but so many people declined their seats, people were being accepted up until like 2 days before class started.
  8. meltnpointofwax

    FSCJ Summer 2011 Hopefuls

    hey, I have worksource. but i'm also 21 and single. i know a lot of people that are married/have kids/not working/etc that are on it. every person's situation is different and they will look at your expenses differently than they would someone like me who has no morgate or dependents, so it's best that you contact them (the sooner the better) good luck! if you do get it, it will be the best thing that could happen to you in school
  9. meltnpointofwax

    FSCJ/FCCJ spring 2011 hopefuls

    hey everyone, congrats again! i'm finishing up term 1 right now. when the semester started, i was SO SCARED! everyone i met told me they studied for 6 hours a day, never saw their friends or families, never did anything fun. but remember, to each is own. i still work, see my boyfriend and friends, and have fun. and i have above a 90 in all my classes (an A is a 93... but still, a 90 is good ) you may feel very overwhelmed at first, but after a week or 2 you will get the hang of it. you will find out what is the best way for you to study, and you will meet people in your classes that will hopefully become good friends/study partners. and you will have time for your loved ones and for fun! so don't stress
  10. meltnpointofwax

    FSCJ Fall 2010 ACCEPTED

    I don't know, but I used one computer lab with internet slower than dial up. I hope the wireless and other labs aren't that way. =/
  11. meltnpointofwax

    FSCJ Fall 2010 ACCEPTED

    why the sad face? this is a good thing right? i got the email too, i think it means we're getting financial aid money back to live off of!
  12. meltnpointofwax

    FSCJ Fall 2010 ACCEPTED

  13. meltnpointofwax

    FSCJ Fall 2010 ACCEPTED

    does anyone know how to view a book voucher?
  14. meltnpointofwax

    FSCJ Fall 2010 ACCEPTED

    not only did they evaluate my transcript today, they posted all of my financial aid!! i am so happy. i FINALLY feel like i can relax and enjoy these last 2 weeks. anyone in section 11 and 12 and in the intercoastal area? i'm so excited now!
  15. meltnpointofwax

    FSCJ Fall 2010 ACCEPTED

    hey, if you go back a few pages someone listed all of the isbn numbers :)
  16. meltnpointofwax

    FSCJ Fall 2010 ACCEPTED

    they FINALLY evaluated my transcript from my summer grades! finally finally finally! she said my financial aid should post in 5-7 days and that people don't get charged late fees until after the first week of class...? i'm so confused, everyone says different things! i was also very upset because when i went to the financial aid office before orientation, i was told by the financial aid office that tuition was 88 bucks a credit hour and that 75% bright futures paid 78 bucks a credit hour. today, i found out from websites that tuition was 92 and bright futures only pays 50 something. seriously? you work in financial aid and you don't even know how much people have to pay for classes? ugh. anyway.. i feel like i can be excited a little bit now lol

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