265 Questions and I passed

  1. I am in a complete state of shock. I found my results this morning and I passed. I can't believe it. I always thought if you had that many questions you pretty much failed. I've been crying all weekend because I felt as though I had given up on the test. Oh my God. Now I'm afraid its a mistake or something. I'm still in shock - I think I'll go look at the results again just to make sure. Now I can say screw disaster drills! lol

    Anyway - I just thought I'd let everyone know. thanks for the encouragement guys - I appreciate it.
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  3. by   nurseunderwater

    YOU DID IT!...ok? YOU DID IT! yes it's real...now give yourself a pat on the back..LOL. :chuckle
  4. by   Carleigh
    Congratulations!!! What a great feeling that must be. I graduate Aug. 19th and I had always thought, like you, that having 265 questions was not a good sign. Nice to hear that isn't so for everyone. The best of luck in your career as a registered nurse!
  5. by   jnette
    whooooooooooooooooooooot !!!

    congratulations, you r.n. , you !!! :d

    now see ???

    how do you spell relief? two words... you passed !
  6. by   traumaRUs
    Way to go!!! Glad you were able to find out so quickly. Congrats.
  7. by   Nurseizme
    yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :hatparty: way to go.
  8. by   Rhoresmith
    good for you! one more nurse out there to care for people................ :hatparty:

    now go do something for yourself to celebrate and as a reward for all your hard work

  9. by   mom and nurse
  10. by   suzy253
    great news! congratulations. Relax now!!! :
  11. by   AmyHall
    What kind of disaster drills did you see on the test?
  12. by   lovinghands
    :hatparty::hatparty: :hatparty: :hatparty: :hatparty:
  13. by   Rnn2003
    congrats best wishes in your new career....................
  14. by   unknown99
    Rn, Rn, Rn!!!!!!