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Well, I've gotten through my first round of nursing school tests. I got a 91 in Fundamentals, 92 in health and illness (HEHI), 98 on my skills exam, 82 on written skills exam, made a silly mistake but not one that would hurt a patient. Our pharm exam is take-home.

Just felt like bragging a little!:cool:

Well congratulations on your successful first round. Keep up the good work. It is okay to brag a little we all are entitled especially in nursing school.:cool:


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WTG Bonnie!!! Congrats!!!

Take home pharm test???? Gee, wish they'd do that in our school!! Not a chance!!

Anyway, Great Job!!!

Bonnie Blue

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Oh don't think I'm getting off easy in Pharm. They may be take home but, they will get harder. The course coordinator said, "the exams are being titrated..." Plus, we have to be able to intergrate the pharm into HEHI so we'll have to know it for both.

HEHI=health and illness across the lifespan.

Katnip, RN

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Bonnie Blue, that's great! Bragging is part of what these boards are for.

Still, I wish we could do a take home pharm exam. Out first one is tomorrow night.

jschut, BSN, RN

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Congrats! I think those scores are wonderful! Keep it up!

:) Julie:)

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