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Hi all pretty nurses out there!

I am a new grad LVN. I will have my very first job orientation in a nursing home next week, Monday. Can anyone please give me advise on what to wear: scrubs or business attire? Also, what usually happen on orientation in nursing home?

Thank you!


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Wear scrubs so you are prepared for any clinical activity and so that you look ready to work.

crestina L

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@caliohiolpn84, thank you for your response. Do you know what usually happen on the first day of orientation? Also, I only have 2 days orientation is that enough for me to learn and be on the floor on my own?

I'm so nervous! I feel like I don't know anything.

Golden_RN, MSN

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In my experience nursing homes usually have an orientation for ALL new staff to get a tour, go over paperwork, generic HR / nursing orientation stuff (elder abuse training, etc.).

Additionally, they should also give you several days of orientation on the floor with another nurse before expecting you to work the floor alone.

crestina L

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Thank you @Golden_RN,MSN


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How did it go? ?

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