First Job!!! Internship vrs regular hospital. Insight pls


Hi, I hope you guys can help with some questions I have. All insight is appreciated. Thanks!!!

1. Is an internship program worth two years of commitment to one company???

2. Has anyone had an internship experience?

3. Did you find it beneficial?

4. Is working at a regular hospital just as beneficial?

5. If you had a chance to do it all over again would you start with an internship possition?

I speak two languages and I thought I would be better of to work in a clinic where I can better apply my skills but I've noticed that clinics don't hire new grads or at least not me :chuckle. The location of the internship position is not in dire need of this either, but so far I don't have much to choose from. My real question is: would it be worth it???

None of the girls I went to calss with got internship possitions so I can't really ask them.

My ideal work schedule would have been FT in a clinic and PT in a hospital but so far no luck :down:.... I can't wait forever; I have loans to pay!! :D

anywho, what do you guys think???


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Research the hospital offering the position WELL. If this is a good hospital and you mesh well with the staff, the mission statement fits well with you, and the specialty is one that you are highly interested in take it.

The 2 year commitment can be worth it. The first year you will be learning, the second you will be applying what you learned more quickly and independently. The 2 years will fly by.

The decision is yours to make. Good luck.

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I agree if you can get into a new internship program grab it quick. Any first job you should stay at least 2 years anyways. And this type of program looks great on resume.


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Thanks for your comments... both have been really helpful


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Go for the internship.

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