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First job, I need advice on which job to take. Kindred LTACH or Prime Healthcare/Centinela Hospital Medical Center (normal acute care hospital)?

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Hi everyone!

So I'm an old grad a year out of graduation and I have to (finally!) choose between 2 job offers. Keep in mind I have been searching for my first job as an RN for MONTHS with no luck until now.

Option 1: Kindred, a LTACH, possibly in Telemetry, maybe med-surg (they asked what my preference was but the offer letter does not specify a floor). Pay is just under $32 with a $3 differential for night shift and a $2 differential for weekends (I was offered a night shift position, so I'd be making just under $35/hr). Ratio is 10:1 with the help of a team consisting of LVN's and CNA's. Orientation is 3 months, which is also the probation period. They told me preceptors typically have 3 years or more of experience. Lots of vents, lots of trachs, the patients require a lot of care and it seems like I would be exposed to everything under the sun in regards to nursing care. Only get an N95 if I am caring for a confirmed Covid+ patient (but most Covid patients are in ICU so I was told it would be unlikely that I would have a Covid patient) she mentioned they have had some staff test + for Covid (not sure how common this is at other facilities? Should I be concerned?). I would get 1 surgical mask per day with non-Covid patients. Could eventually get ICU training, which is a semi-long term goal for me (as of right now).

Option 2: Centinela Hospital Medical Center, Telemetry Unit. The pay is $32.60something per hour, time and a half after the first 8 hours, day shift. I would work rotating weekends (not sure how much the weekend differential is.) Orientation is 6 weeks. They have a high attrition rate so it is likely that my preceptor will only have 6 months- a year of experience on the floor. Ratio 4:1. I would be occasionally rotated to the Covid floor. 1 N95 per day.

Commute is closer to Kindred, but not enough to seriously impact my decision. I realize neither of the two options sounds great per se. But I've been alone and have had no support on this journey of finding a job and have no professional nursing connections. I just want to get my foot in the door, so to speak.

The pay would be slightly higher at Kindred (due to the night shift differential), but the ratios, as well as my ability to transfer to a regular hospital later on is a concern. At Centinela, my main concern is about the kind of training I would get during a 6 week orientation with a relatively new nurse as a preceptor.

I'd love to hear advice from anyone on which position I should take, which would be better for my career long-term (I'd love to eventually be in an ICU setting....maybe even OR). I'd especially love to hear from anyone who has worked/is currently working at either of those locations.

CONGRATS on getting the 2 offers! I did work for Kindred for 3 months. The ratios are insane, and it is a busy little hospital. The equipment is not up to par. The staff is mostly helpful and I had a great preceptor, but the environment and patient population is not the greatest. If this is the same Kindred that I worked at, then I would say go to Centinela. I do have a friend who works there and she has learned a great deal. At least with Centinela, you have options of moving to a different unit once you get your footing grounded.

Both offers are good, but between the two, I would go with Centinela. You will definitely gain the experience you need to go to another facility to the unit that you would eventually want in the future. You will also learn a great deal at Kindred but they are constantly short staffed. They only offer Med-Surg/Tele, DOU and ICU depts at that little facility. Good luck and let us know which you decide! Both places have high turn-over rates... I wouldn't stay for long after gaining enough experience.

Congratulations on being offered!! I completed new grad at Centinela myself two years ago. My preceptor has six months experience and she was great! It is a tough place but a great place to learn. I’ve found my experience at Centinela has made me a strong nurse in my current hospital. I do not know much about Kindred but I’m not up for that nurse to patient ratio... the job is tough enough as it is... Let me know if you have any questions!

Centinela pays more $38.03 an hour factoring in the time and a half after 8 hours.


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