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  1. As75181n

    Home Health Per Diem

    Hello my fellow nurses! I am looking for some insight if you all would be so kind. I am currently as Med Surg Nurse in Los Angeles and I am looking for Per Diem work but I feel dread at the thought of taking another inpatient per diem job. Honestly, it's not good for my health. The lack of sunlight, no breaks ever, abusive MDs, and general lack of support on the floor...I think I can only handle one full-time job like this. I met a lovely registry nurse the other day at my facility that recommended Home Health as an alternative due to my having four little ones. I previously looked into school nursing but the pay I was offered was not liveable in LA county so I had to keep my full time. For those of you who have experience in Home Health, I would appreciate feedback on the learning curve from bedside to Home Health setting PRN, in your opinion, is it worth it or should I bite the bullet and look for per diem bedside in the financial aspect? Do you like what you do and what do your days look like? I want to work extra days but I don't want to sacrifice one to two fourteen-hour days and not see my kids any more than I already don't. Thank you so much for your time!!
  2. As75181n

    Do you ever miss bedside?

    I'm so glad this topic is up as I am processing for a school nurse job and I was wondering to myself if I was giving up on bedside nursing to soon as I have been a nurse for only two years in med surg. I will still be registry in order to keep my hospital contacts but I am tired of being treated like a maid and getting in trouble for patients missing blinds in their rooms or ketchup packets on their meal trays. Like seriously....And getting hit with call lights and attacked by patients with their walkers. This can't be nursing now, there has to be something better than this...
  3. As75181n

    School Nurse Job Offer Help!!!

    I’m actually looking into doing home health rather than registry as a side job for the times I am off... I am super unhappy working bedside. Do any of you guys work second jobs?
  4. As75181n

    School Nurse Job Offer Help!!!

    Thank you "nursy", RN for replying!!! Yes I was told I had five years to obtain and pay for the credential or I will be let go after five years but I guess I will have to see what the pay will be in the end !
  5. As75181n

    School Nurse Job Offer Help!!!

    Hello Everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful day! I am in need of some advice from any nurses with experience in school nursing. I am currently a nurse on a busy ortho floor in Los Angeles and was offered a School Nurse job through LAUSD. I interviewed because I want to leave the bedside after just two years. It is not a fit for me. I love the work but feel like my fit is working in the form of public health outside of the hospital. Plus I am a mommy to five little munchkins who say they never see me and want me to be around more often and I love working with kids. My question to you is, how in the world do I figure out the salary table? Is the pay cut really almost fifty percent? I have a BSN, MS, and BS in different fields with two years of experience on the floor and experience from a past career. Also, my understanding is I have to pay almost 20,000 for the school nurse credential on top of taking a 50 percent pay cut. Is this really the case? I want to make this switch for my children and myself, but I'm not sure that the salary is liveable in Los Angeles. Anyone with experience, I would greatly appreciate your time. Have a wonderful day!!!!

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