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  1. Takeyla22

    Am I out of options?

    Hey, I’m due to start the LPN-RN at Rasmussen in a couple weeks. How was it? Did you do their RN-BSN?
  2. Takeyla22

    Rasmussen question???

    Galen has a campus innate as and they’re set up the same way. Check them out. They include pre reqs for you if needed.
  3. Takeyla22

    Shift Key nursing company?

    Unfortunately you can’t get to the part of the site showing shifts until they give you access, unless you know someone who works for them then you can look on their profile. Also they can’t make you work as an LPN when you’re an RN. They only require 6 months experience. You’ll be doing the same job anyway, just higher pay. I got hired with 8 months of LPN experience.
  4. Takeyla22

    Shift Key nursing company?

    I've just completed the assessments and drug/background screening for shift key. I've signed up for several shifts this month and 2 were declined, 3 were approved and the rest are still pending. I'm not sure how they decided who to pick, but they declined me and posted the same shift on another agency site. I don't see this as a replacement for my previous job. I will continue to try them out, but I'm definitely going to find a permanent job ASAP.
  5. Takeyla22

    Hutchinson LPN-RN online bridge

    I'd like more info as well... planning to apply after I grad next year
  6. Takeyla22

    How to pass the MET Center LPN Entrance exam

    I took the wonderlic exam at another school. It was basic reading/vocab. the math was a little harder, but still basic. no calculators are allowed. I only missed like 6 out of about 100 questions.
  7. Takeyla22

    Starting a cna program

    Can you please send me the info as well?
  8. Takeyla22

    CNA training school

    I too would like some info.
  9. Takeyla22

    Starting a CNA program

    I would like to know how to start my own CNA program I'm located in Illinois. I know you have to be an RN, but that's it. Im open to any tips or suggestions from anyone who currently operates their own program. Thanks in advance.
  10. Takeyla22

    Lewis and Clark Community College

    What are the requirements for the LCCC RN program? I would like to apply but can't find info any where. The only leads I've had so far were dates for the admission exam, but I missed them by a few days. I would really love any info you have.
  11. Takeyla22

    Any St. Louis, MO area LPN students?

    I was thinking of attending the program but wanted to get my cna first to get a job, however I do know several great lpns from the stl college of health careers program. They also bridged to a program called Lutheran school if nursing is 15 months in stl also.
  12. Takeyla22

    RN program at ITT tech

    So if I am on financial aid suspension could I still attend itt for the rn program? I would lie to start now but if not will have to pay for 23 credits to possibly get my financial aid back. To bad I missed the march start date, I should have asked them this earlier.
  13. Takeyla22

    ITT HESI Policy

    How does their advance standing program go?. I was trying to decide whether to do an lpn program first or not, this would be better.
  14. Takeyla22


    I would like to know if I could work 12 hour nights while attending this program?
  15. Takeyla22


    Would you happen to remember your class sequence and schedule for the program?. I would be working 3 12 hours shifts during the week and would like to know if that do able with classes and clinical too.
  16. Takeyla22

    Applied Technology Roll Call 2011!

    I know this is an old tread, but can anybody possibly give me the entire program schedule? .. Maybe including the clinical times and class times if possible? I'm looking to attend this program and work the night shift as well.

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