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First exam grades

I had my first math test and got a 96 and had my first nursing test and got a 86.

I am used to getting A's but most people say that nursing is much harder and different than pre-req classes and strive to pass.

I guess I am happy with my B

I think the first test is always the hardest since you don't know the instrutor's test style. You did a good job, I know a lot of people in my class would have been very happy with that. Esp. the math test!! I understand how you feel, I got an 88 on my first test, and I was a little disappointed too. We need to just put our "all A's all the time" mentality on the backburner for awhile. Really, in 10 years will it matter what grade you got or if you learned the material?

It seems to me that nursing tests are really hard and get a lot harder. At my school, they post the test grades next to a number that only the person it belongs to knows, so you can see the range of grades on every test. On the first test the 2nd year ADNs took, the highest grade was an 88!!! And these are smart girls (maybe one guy)!!

So, try and hang in there, keep your head up, and all those other cliches!! We're going to get through it!! And congrats on your good grades!



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congrats! 86 is great!!!!!! You will especially think so the first time you get a 70 something- and you might! I was a 3.86 gpa before the RN program and now... Im... not :) I would be cryin with your math grade, however, cuz we have to score 100% on dosage calcs.

That is an awesome score for a first test !!!!!!!!!

During pre-reqs i was an A and honor student, but in my 1st semester of nursing school i got 9 points away from an A on my overall grade. plus only a couple of people ended up with A's, so i dont worry about it any more. i am less concerned with my GPA now than i am with finishing up nursing school and being a good nurse. never stop trying to get those A's though.


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There is an old saying: Do you know what you call someone that got C's all through medical school? Doctor!

I would guess that the sames goes for nurses. P


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There is an old saying: Do you know what you call someone that got C's all through medical school? Doctor!

I would guess that the sames goes for nurses. P

C= RN :)


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That was my first exam score in fundamentals as well - an 86%. I had always performed very well in prereqs so I was pretty hard on myself when I first started nursing school about not getting higher grades, but trust me I got over that VERY quickly! :chuckle

Great job!

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You have to get 100% on dosage tests to pass class, they give 3 make-ups but only on certain dates....then you have to pass with 100% on a test in 2nd and 4th semester...as well we should, but still.....

if it makes you feel any better NO ONE in our fundamentals class got an A or even an A-. so yes, it is harder. but it does get better as time passes, once you get used to the testing syle and reading between the lines.

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