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Anyone else have a quiz on the first day back? We are in between quarters right now and our syllabus has reading and a demo on WebCT that we need to watch to prepare us. So instead of ringing in the new year with my family tonight, I will have my nose in my books.

Really it wouldn't be that big of a deal but when I went to buy my books last week, the syllabus packet was not in. A friend called tonight to say that he had picked up his syllabus packet and low and behold there was all this info for our quiz. I'm not at all a last minute crammer, so it stresses me out a bit. :uhoh3:


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We have a test the first day bag on meds. We were also assigned 10 chapters to read over the holiday for first day back. Needless to say it hasn't been much of a break.:o


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Nope we don't, thank god. However, we do have a test in 2 weeks after returning from break though.

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well, we have our dosage challenge test. 10 dosage questions (that we've already learned how to do these types of questions). you miss 1, youre ok. you miss 2 or more-you take it again the next week. if you miss 2 or more on that one-you're out.

so thats on the first day. other than that, our first unit test is 2 weeks from the first day of class


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We have a Med-Math test after each vacation or time off. We had one the first week of school, but they do notify us about it, so it's not unexpected. I know a lot of my classmates had trouble with the Med Math, so it will be interesting to see who is not returning for Nursing 102. We needed to pass each exam with an 80 or above - not an 80 average - in order to go on to 102. I really hope those who struggled got help, and we don't lose anyone because of it.


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We have a test the first day bag on meds. We were also assigned 10 chapters to read over the holiday for first day back. Needless to say it hasn't been much of a break.:o

Sounds like we're at the same school, we also have a dose med exam the first day back and then a med pass practical the second and something like 10 chapters to read over the break. Ick.


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We are retested on our "skills" the first day back...assessments, injections, foley caths, dressing changes etc. Basically they put all the skills in a hat and we draw out 2 to perform. As far as being tested on other info...not sure, but I wouldn't doubt it. We were given several chapters to read before returning to class on Jan 18th.


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I will consider myself lucky then. We did get a reading assignment for those who want to "get a head start." It's not obligatory though. They may quiz us, who knows? So far all of our quizzes have been unannounced. I do plan to read ahead for the first week, so that I feel somewhat prepared. I go back on the 18th...2 weeks of freedom.


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Gosh I WISH we went back on the 18th. We start back on the 3rd. :(

Our quiz is over brand spanking new material...pharmacology type stuff.

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We start back on the 10th, and have a dosage calculations test (must pass with 95 or above, can only miss one question) within the first week. A little nervous about that.. but I usually have test anxiety anyway. :)


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goodness, i am so glad that i am not alone in this. i have about 3 tests on the first day back, i know one of them is meds and the other clin. calculations and the other maybe rationales for lab. i do not get my books til tomorrow. back to the books we go. not much of a break. good luck everyone.

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We have a lab due on our first day back on disaster nursing. Our instructor was supposed to email it to us so we could do it on our break. The first day back is tommorrow, no one that i've talked to got an email....this should be fun. I can't wait to try to do a lab while the whole class is comply unprepared. :uhoh21: :confused: :sniff: :chair:

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