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Hi, I've just been assigned to an oncology floor for my very first clinical. I am really nervous about assessment, I don't want to forget anything. Is there any kind of special assessment or things to look for for cancer patients? Thank you in advance for your help.



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I am just starting out too, but I would like to pass on advice my instructor gave everyone the first day of our clinicals...."You are learning, you are students, we do not expect you to know everything or be experts"....yadda, yadda. She went on to say that even as professional nurses (not student nurses) we are still always going to be learning. This made me feel really comfortable, well I guess I should say more comortable.

I would have to say for the cancer is their nutrition? Some Chemo's cause a bad taste in mouth and can lead to anorexia, so there could be fluid or nutritional imbalances to look for. Also Impaired Skin Integrity for the patient recieving Rads.... And definitly do a thorough Psych/Soc Assessment....look for support from family, fears of dying, Spiritual Distress, etc.,etc.

I am in my first year as well, but have many people in my life with cancer, and am interested in this field. Hope this helps....and let me know how you did;)

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Good oral, pain and skin assessments. Let them vent, and help the family.



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A fever of 100 can be a crisis for an oncology patient. Your assessment skills could never be more important.


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Thank you so much for your responses. I knew that pain assessment would be important, but didn't really think about nutrition relating to chemo or that they could be at a higher risk for skin problems. Thank you! We haven't learned a whole lot on Psychosocial assessment, I will make sure I research that before I go. BarbPick, thank you for telling me about the temperature. Our instructors said we should definitely tell them if the patient has a temp. above 100. I will make sure to watch for that. I really want to do a good job!



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Sounds like you WILL do a great job, and because of this future preparation and research you are doing you will be a bit more comfortable-- though not totally.... see ya later, alligator.

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