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First Clinical... not feeling it!


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Okay so we had our first clinical at a SNF today. The CNA I was paired with had no intrest in having a nursing student. I tried my best to learn, but I just felt inadequate and unwelcome. Everyone else in my class had these magical learning and patient care experiences today, and I just felt disappointed and discouraged!

Please please tell me that this feeling gets better, or is normal, or at least that I'm not insane, because right now I'm really really down.

It was the same way for me when i was in clinical. Trust me you're not alone! Just keep a positive attitude and help as much as you can, they will appreciate it and you will get some really good experience. Good luck

it was only one experience. you're not going to get an amazing experience every clinical. some things will not be your forte'. but you've gotta do it. nursing home was DEFINITELY not for me.

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The CNA I was paired with had no intrest in having a nursing student.
This is because having a nursing student tends to slow a person down. It is much easier for the CNA to do everything herself rather than slow down to thoroughly explain things to the student who is following her.

Not everyone is cut out for teaching and explanations. You were paired with one of these people. Hopefully you'll be paired with someone who enjoys students next time. Good luck to you.

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Thank you for your responses it feels better to not feel alone.

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I'm not sure of anyone who felt confident or competent at the first clinical. Heck, I never felt great at clinical, they are scary, you're learning a whole new world and language. Some of the preceptors will not be so nice, others are wonderful. Hang in there.

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I was very disheartened by all my other classmates who seemed so starry eyed and happy, and I just felt tired and dejected. Hopefully it gets better! If it doesn't I'm going to try and chalk it up to SNF not being for me.