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What is your policy on return to school after flu? We've got our first case for this year and MD is anticipating return by possibly Friday. Teacher is worried that is too soon. I usually just play it by ear and follow up with parents when kiddos return post flu to make sure they've been fever free for 24 hours, are feeling better, MD has released etc. etc.

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No fever for 24 hours without fever reducer. Although, I will send them home without a fever if the student is clearly not feeling well and obviously isn't benefiting from being in school. It's part policy and part common sense and part mom instinct.

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Tamiflu and variants reduce the contagious period by 2 days, meaning 4 days post symptoms. That is a generality and may be longer. We put a policy in place last year because of the increased use of Tamiflu that they must stay home for 5 days post symptom onset or 24 hours fever free if longer than 5 days.

I like both of y'all's responses. I'll be drafting a policy within the next few days for sure because last year we had a big issue with parents sending kids back too soon. Thanks guys!!

Just curious what state you are in

42 minutes ago, MHDNURSE said:

Just curious what state you are in

Texas ?

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