Fired and said this is abuse.What would you do?


My last employer fired me and said that I abused a resident . Here's what happened. IT was 9p on Friday night ,I just got this patient from another unit. Was told by other unit that he is combative and family says No to 302. When I went to give patient his meds he hit my hand and says no. I said ok . then he grabs another female patients wrist and holds it tightly. And when told to please leave go of her wrist he wouldn't, and then he starts hitting and kicking staff. So this is what I did : I called DR got an order for Ativan IM stat. Asked cnas to hold his hands and feet so I could give him this shot. And now they said I abused this resident by holding his hands and feet . What would you do ?

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In the future, know your facility's policies regarding restraints and therapeutic hold, which is considered a form of restraint. It's tough that healthcare workers have to put up with abusive patients.

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It doesnt matter if family said no to 302, if he was endangering others, you can petition the 302

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I wouldn't advise talking about it on the Internet. You may need an attorney to help you defend yourself here, as you need legal advice and we cannot give it. Best of luck to you.

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We cannot offer legal advice. Contact your personal professional malpractice/liability carrier to report and get professional advice. If you do not have a policy you can utilize the lawyer referral service at the American Association of Nurse Attorneys

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