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Hi everyone. So I was just fired from a tech job that required a CNA license in a hospital. It's totally my fault and take full blame. I did not use a calendar to manage the hours I was supposed to work. In that case, there were two times I had a no call no show. This experience really opened my eyes and I learned from this unfortunate experience. I was a volunteer in the PACU department before getting a job there as a tech. And I worked there as a tech for about 6 months.

A month ago, I was accepted into nursing school and I start this September. Im very excited, but this termination is something I am very worried about. If I get my nursing license, how much will this termination of a per-diem job hinder my search for a nursing career? I feel like I just tossed my career in the garbage before it even started.. Any advice for my current situation is well appreciated. Thank you to all nurses and people that took the time to read my post.


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It has as much bearing as you give it. Just don't include it on your resume.

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If the hospital listed you as a do not rehire then you probably will not be able to work at that facility and possibly any facilities that are owned by the same main company.

When you go looking for a nursing job they may ask about it on an application and you are going to want to be honest about it because it can show up in a background check after you have an offer. During an interview, you would have a chance to explain why this happened, what you learned from it, and why you would not repeat the same behavior in the future. Many people make a mistake or two that they wish they could take back (Especially if they are young and may not understand how this can impact them later on. I don't know if this description fits you). The important thing is to learn from it so that you don't repeat the same mistake in the future. Do well in school, attend all of your classes, labs, etc. Get a letter from a clinical instructor stating what a great student that you were, that you had excellent attendance, always early/on time, never late, etc. and attach it to your files that you include with your application as a reference.

Also, have you worked before this position? Being terminated from one job for attendance can happen and can probably be explained to some degree, especially if all of your other work experience shows the opposite. If it has happened with several other jobs recently then there's a pattern that would look unfavorable to a potential employer. Also, it takes a while to finish nursing school and many students work at least part time while going to school. If you were to work for another employer while going to school, establish a good record while getting your coursework done, then this employer can vouch for you when you get your license (and if they hire nurses, maybe hire you once you graduate).

So, do I think that your career is doomed because of this one job? No. You made a mistake. Now it is your job to prove that you have learned from it and can be dependable in the future. Best wishes.

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Agree! Your resume is NOT a list of jobs you have had. It is a list of jobs and experience that contribute to your skill set. For example, if the job was at a pizza shop, where you worked the same hours, you wouldn't include it on a nursing resume. If it had been a full time job, you would have to explain the job gap. It will hurt you if you apply to the same institution. However, you could still get a job there (maybe), if you can convince them that you have changed your evil ways. And you better square away this calendar issue if you want to make it through nursing school. Good luck.

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Not showing up for work and/or being late is IMO the worst thing a professional RN can do. For one you are essentially saying to your co workers that your time is more important than their time. I have been a nurse 10 years and I can deal with about any co worker EXCEPT people who are late/and or no shows. And saying you "didn't know" well you may as well save your breath for the work you will need to clean out your locker as you will be fired.

If your pattern is not showing up for work and not taking the time to make sure you know your schedule then yes termination should be a "worried about".

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