Fired from my first job.


Honestly, I feel relieved. I'm going to miss the income though, and it's going to suck working just as a CNA, not to mention looking for another job and explaining why I was fired.


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What happened?


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What happened? Are you already a nurse? I don't think you can go back to working as an aide.


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How long were you there? I was fired from my first job too--only time I've ever been fired. I was there 5 weeks, so still within my 90-day new hire probation period. I was the only LPN; the rest of the staff was RNs and MAs. All I was told was "it's just not working out" but I think the lead RN (who had been there 5 months--the longest at the time) had it out for me. I'd had my license a week when I got the job and had TONS of questions and the lead RN hated talking during working hours (she'd sit on the other side of the office when a certain MA was working because the MA liked chit-chat). I also got a patient complaint filed against me when I was on phone triage and couldn't page her doc out of heart surgery to make a walk-in visit for her. She called and yelled and hung up on me several times and asked to speak with someone else but no other nurse would take the call--it wasn't their job to be on triage that day. I was betrayed and disappointed but found a better job with much better people--you'll be fine! And don't think you have to take a CNA job if you're already a LPN, just keep looking for LPN jobs. I'm currently looking for work and I tell prospective employers at interviews that I was let go during my 90-day new-hire period and not really given a reason. Hang in there!!

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Were you written up before you were fired? I have not been written up yet, but I misplaced a hearing aide the other day and am thinking I will probably be written up for this. I am supposed to be off of orientation this weekend but now Im afraid they will lose confidence in my abilities. I feel the same way you do to some extent. It would almost be a relief to be done with this job, but I need to work as a Nurse because I need the income to pay off my loans , etc. Eventually I would like to find a nursing job out of long term care. I hate feeling rushed all the time and hate to be alone if an emergency arises.


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I would even mention the other job.