fired after 90 days of probation but worked 5 months at an LTACH


i've read other posts regarding whether one should put or not on their resume their previous job if they did not make it after the probationary period. However, i still couldn't decide whether to put that previous job on my resume. As you can tell by the title of my post I did worked at an LTACH facility for 5 months before i moved got a job at a hospital. If i did put it on my job then they'll find out i'm not eligible for rehire. But if i did left it out then i wouldn't know how to explain the gap in my job history. I was thinking of going back to the LTACH facility however the LTACH facility i worked at is under the same healthcare system as the hospital i worked at. on the other hand i really want to get a job at a regular hospital floor bec. there is much to see and learn.


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I've never fired before, however I've worked with a few ppl who have been let go after probation. Aside from punctuality complications how does a hospital just decide to let you go after probation? I just dont see how that is beneficial.


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excuse the grammar mistakes, english is my second language. @ rnrg i was let go because they felt i wasn't fit to be working on the floor. i on the other hand felt like every little thing was taken up to the manager before it was discussed with me for example they had an issue with the way i give report this was about a month into the probation but i didn't hear anything from the staff i was just one day called into the office by my manager and was made aware of it. another thing was i was expected to chart everything to a tee that easily takes up 1.5 -2 hrs of my time when everyone else does bare minimum. i once heplocked a peripheral iv site wrong, i didn't get the chance to hook an extention to the site and get rid of the dial a flow before endorsement, well, my manager heard of it as well. i want to ask people for help on things but then on my first evaluation i was told that i "repeteadly" ask people about things i was told. so are they telling me once something was explained to me i can't ask another person about it ever again. that i'm suppose to remember everything. if i do ask about something "repeatedly" it's because i feel uncomfortable doing certain things. i guess they expected that i know more since i worked at a LTACH facility but things are obviously done differently between the two departments.


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I am in a similar situation... I went from one LTAC to another and was let go during orientation due to "poor fit". Previously I had worked LTAC for a year. I never made any big mistakes (just a med omission early on that I caught 2 hours later), and my preceptor told me I was doing fine but meanwhile was reporting to management nit-picky things she didn't like about my practice. The nurse manager who hired me left the week I started so I never had any reviews or my progress reported to me. They conveniently terminated me days before I was eligible for benefits.

Anyway, I did some research about possibly leaving a job off your resume. From what I learned it's possible to get caught if you leave it off the application since they run your social security number and background check. It's your choice whether to put it on your resume but if the application and resume don't match it might make it look worse.

When potential employers call to check the places you claimed you worked, most of the time, your previous employer will only confirm dates of employment and nothing else. I just picked up a per diem position and filled out the paperwork with HR, and there was actually a document that stated this. They told me they will not release any information about me besides dates of employment unless I officially request a reference from them. I believe many facilities have a policy like this as it protects them from litigation.

Did you actually move or just change jobs? If you moved to a different city or state, that could explain a gap in employment history. You could take your chances and totally leave that job off applications and your resume.


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I just filled out an online application. I have the same history of being let go at end of orientation. On the application's "Reason for Leaving," I stated: "Unit not a good fit. Will explain in interview." I plan to keep any explanation brief, i.e., "Not able to meet employer's criteria by end of orientation," or something similar. Then hopefully redirect to what I learned about myself, the job, etc. that will help me in my next position, and what I will or have done differently since. And of course, never, never, never place any blame or criticism on any former employer. (That looks worse than getting fired!) These ideas came from responses gleaned from this site.

By the way, I would not leave it off an official application. As some have said, that could be construed as falsification and result in termination in future if discovered. Better safe that sorry!

Keep us posted on your progress....and Good luck!


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I got the job you guys! thankfully they only wanted 2 job requirements since i have experience from 3 different places i left out the job where i was let go during orientation which was on a regular hospital floor. so what i used as my references are the ltach and the nursing home facility where i worked at. however i still did include that hospital job on my resume. might as well use put those 3 months that i worked hard for into use.