Finished Kaplan--Ready for NCLEX??

Nursing Students NCLEX


I have finished everything for the kaplan program and I'm taking NCLEX on Monday! I've done 14 QB so far and will complete 17 in total by the time I finish.

Here were my QT scores (excluding 1, 2, 3):

QT 4 - 65

QT 5 - 66

QT 6 - 68

QT 7 - 66

My Q banks were pretty much mid to upper 60s with a couple 71 and one 75 (!!).

I got a 70 on the readiness test

Do you think i'm ready enough?? Is there anything anyone wishes they did to prepare??

I'm absolutely terrified!!

I know that this is really late. As long as you've taken the time to follow the process for each question and you've remediated. You will be just fine. If you want you can purchase Uworld. Many of my friends used it and they thought that it was really helpful. Also, do not study the day before the NCLEX. Relax and get your mind off studying. It will make you crazy and you will stress yourself out.

Hope this helps and best of luck :)

I wish I had known about Uworld earlier, but my school made us pay for Kaplan and after spending so much money I didn't want to purchase a whole other program. I test this monday (SO nervous!) so I don't think I can do much with another resource at this point.

I've remediated my tests but I feel like i haven't been extremely thorough lately--mostly looking for what the right answer was versus reviewing all the tiny details and content because of lack of time.

I also did another QBank this morning and got a 64 so I'm a little bummed about that since I had been getting higher 60s previously so hopefully this isn't a downward trend :(

I cannot offer you any advice as I'm studying for my NCLEX, but I do wish to tell you good luck Monday!

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