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  1. It sounds like you have been struggling with the schedule, but the fact of the matter is you had another chance and they dismissed you anyway. Is it documented what the outcome was in the last meeting when they gave you that warning? I hope so, and I...
  2. Congratulations! What resources did you use to prepare?
  3. euisme, BSN

    Finished Kaplan--Ready for NCLEX??

    I cannot offer you any advice as I'm studying for my NCLEX, but I do wish to tell you good luck Monday!
  4. First of all, congratulations! Thank you so much for sharing how you studied! I have Kaplan -- and I LOVED the live classes, but as I take the Question Trainers and read through the rationales... well, it's leaving more to be desired. I'm wondering i...
  5. euisme, BSN

    CSUB Nursing Program for Fall 2014

    Hi Class of 2017 :) I am a new nursing student for the Class of 2018 -- I was wondering if anyone could tell me if they could weigh in if I should buy the books off the "Recommended" list? Thanks! (And I know I sound late to picking up books, ...
  6. euisme, BSN

    CSU Bakersfield Fall 2015 Nursing

    Hey guys -- they mentioned shoes in the Sim Lab and I was looking at what i've got and I could use a new pair! Anything local good for fitting and comfort (can't do crocs like suggested -- heh!)? I have big, wide, flat feet so internet ordering is ...
  7. euisme, BSN

    CSU Bakersfield Fall 2015 Nursing

    The professor for Patho is excellent, one of my favorites in college so far. Not east, but good. Based on student ratings of Patho and my experience of in Physio 255, you do not NEED the book as much as you need his lectures. He will be extremely p...
  8. euisme, BSN

    CSU Bakersfield Fall 2015 Nursing

    There's two places you can find it: The main way is via this sheet: http://www.csub.edu/nursing/_files/Gen_Ed_Sheet%20%20Effective%20F13%20rev.%2010-13.pdf (I pulled it off the Pre-nursing CSUB page) The other way is via myCSUB, click the "Plan...
  9. euisme, BSN

    CSU Bakersfield Fall 2015 Nursing

    Any more people accepted from the waiting list since the end of July? Anyone have any clues when they've finalized the Fall class? The email said changes will continue through the end of August so I don't want to bother our advisor... I was ple...
  10. euisme, BSN

    Which nursing schools can accept me?

    Bakersfield College and Porterville College are community colleges in kern county that are lottery and very respectable. As long as you have a C or better in prereqs and pass the TEAS with a 65 (may need to verify) you can apply. It is a lottery sy...
  11. euisme, BSN

    NCLEX with 265 questions

    this is a great explanation right here on Allnurses. i love threads like this one because before, I had no idea!
  12. euisme, BSN

    CSU Bakersfield Fall 2015 Nursing

    I'm not sure where you're coming from but Bakersfield is one of the cheaper places to live in California. edgewater is right next to the school, and there's a cluster of privately managed apartments close by in the Quailwood neighborhood. there's a...
  13. euisme, BSN

    CSU Bakersfield Fall 2015 Nursing

    the student dorms are nice, they just opened in January so they're not even a year old! There are a couple of facebook groups for professors and books.
  14. euisme, BSN

    Moving to Palo Alto, CA

    ah ha. learned something new: evenings vs nights. definitely referring to nights! so much to learn...
  15. euisme, BSN

    Moving to Palo Alto, CA

    With taxes, anything is better than my current situation, which is self-employment I am really looking forward to working evenings (I typically work at night/work best at night) and I plan to pick-up shifts and work holidays. My goal is the Bay ...
  16. euisme, BSN

    Moving to Palo Alto, CA

    Since you don't seem to balk at the prices -- may i ask if the estimators (like Indeed.com) are accurate for average RN pay in the area? I want to move up to the Bay area after I have my BSN and a couple of years under my belt, as the hospital I'm...