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Well the time is almost here I can hardly wait!! I sent the state board my "official request" for the probation status to be removed from my license! It has been a long long 7 years and 4 months (total). I have been compliant and I'm ready to stop pissing in cups all the time!! And living my ENTIRE life around the BON. They meet next week and hopefully I'll get my letter soon after that. I'm still a nervous wreck of some last minute bull crap that could come up..... it's seriously been a bunch of BS when it comes to them!!! They say "self report, it's better for you" that was BS (3 yrs probation) all bc I recognized my problem and sought help in rehab(March 2011).... got pregnant and put on strict bed rest(March 2013) .... had 2 years completed..... but since "you are unable to meet the terms of your agreement, you are non compliant" Nothing I could do. Suspension or surrender? Uhh... considering there was no way to be compliant with probation.....I certainly couldn't be compliant with surrender (May 2013) ..."make sure you request your license back April of 2014 BC it takes 6 weeks to process" .... April 2014 request license reinstatement ..... June 2014.....2nd request.....August 2014 3rd request.......November 2014 4th request.... (they "never got the 1st 3") after all kinds of hoops to jump through licence reinstatement in July credit for the 2 years I already completed.....3 more years of probation!! we are......I'm soooooo beyond ready. Keep your fingers crossed for me please!!!


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Wishing you the very best on this most fitting Independence Day!

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I'm sending positive thoughts your way.


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Much good luck.

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Best of luck, you deserve it, let us know what happens!


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I'll let you all know next time I hear anything! Still just patiently waiting!! I check the website constantly bc I'm sure it will change from probation to active as soon as it goes through. Then I'll probably get my letter a couple days after that. Still keeping my fingers crossed!!


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Have you heard anything yet?


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Yes, sorry I guess I posted it on another post I had made. I finally received my letter on 7/26/18. The last 2 weeks were hell..... i literally broke down the night before i found out bc going through that for so long was quite overwhelming, to say the least. If i wouldn't have been approved for removing the probation status, I would have seriously considered giving nursing up. That's how done with the board I was!! Life has been amazing this last month though, nothing nagging me over my shoulder constantly!!! It is worth it in the end to get to do what i love most!!


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Congratulations!!! As a fellow "done with monitoring" survivor, I wish you all the best and isn't it amazing how it all fades away, after you're done? I thought I would have nightmares or panic attacks where i forgot I was finished and I woke up in the middle of the night terrified that I'd forgotten to check in. But no, it's all just.....done. In the past. Over. No PTSD. Just a really bad time in my life, that's over. Awesome!!


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Exactly!! DONE!! :)