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What would you suggest one do to find mentor/role models as a new male nurse on the floor? Any good and informative book to read?

I think having some information is vital because been in the dark about how to build one's nursing career is daunting for anyone who doesn't know much about the field of nursing as a new nurse.

All suggestions are welcomed.:twocents:


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Umm, kiss ass to the appropriate people? If you are looking for someone to learn the ropes from, find the 10% of non spasoid nurses on the floor and get in good with them.

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I just worked with the only guy on my unit from my summer internship and he showed me the ropes. I learned that he was a good role model in the fact that everyone liked him and he was a very good nurse. After that it was easy to befriend him and show him the work I can do. The trust and teaching just builds from there

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I am in the same boat as you are (take my boards tomorrow); however, I do have experience with mentoring from my past life as an HR guy.

I look for someone that I respect, knows their stuff, can critically think, is a good instructor, is critical but doesn't criticiize, and knows the politics. Very hard to find someone with all of those qualities; but there is always someone that has a good mix of some of these. The other key that I think is invaluable is could I be friends with this person; is he/her someone I would invite to the barbeque.

After I have found that person I go and ask them to be my mentor. Everytime I have asked I have gotten a yes. Also, I don't let gender dictate who I pick. Good luck!

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