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Finding Employment

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Hello everyone!

How difficult was it for you to find employment after graduating? What were your experiences? I don't have any nurse aid experience but I have worked as a resident assistance at a nursing home. A lot of my classmates work as nurse techs/aides in the hospital but I just can't find the time to do that with school. What are some helpful tips in being employed after graduation? Thanks in advance! :cat:

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Best of luck to you!

iPink, BSN, RN

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In my program, our last semester was gratefully our easiest semester. We had less classes, giving us free time to get PCT/tech/CNA jobs. Some of my classmates were able to land tech jobs which would be their foot in the door to transition into an RN position once they passed their NCLEX. And for some, this logical path worked out for them and for others, the promise of a job upon passing the NCLEX didn't happen. Either the manager who was making the promise left, or there was no open positions available.

It took me a while to find employment, but that was largely due to being selective on jobs I applied for. However, the longer you are unemployed with growing bills, the less selective you become and you end up applying everywhere. In the end, I got into a GN Residency program where I gained valuable experience working on a tough critical care floor. The only prior experience I had was my nursing school experience.

If you are willing to relocate that may be helpful as well. If that's not an option, you are better off applying to places in addition to hospitals...ltc/rehab/home health, etc. to maximize your chances. Also emailing directors/managers directly with your resume.

I didn't have any hospital experience except nursing school, but I thought having been at my previous job for 10 years would help me..it didn't seem to. I was the 3rd person, I believe, to take NCLEX..and I began looking for jobs the minute I passed. However, it took me 6 months to be hired. Nearly all of my classmates just happened to be hired before me..either knowing someone, working in a different position so they were hired from within (definitely the best route to go if u can), or just something about their app maybe. I'm very happy with the hospital that finally hired me..it seems like a great fit..it just took awhile. My advice is to get hired in a hospital as a tech or some other position or at the very least, apply now. Once I started applying, I had seen a lot of GN jobs or opportunities that I actually could take apply for because it was some kind of beginning program designed for the GN prior to taking NCLEX. Definitely start asking around and applying now.

I took the NCLEX about a month after graduation. I had no prior work experience. The only nursing experience I had was during nursing school as well. I recommend trying to get a job as an aide/tech asap. Volunteering is another option. The most important thing though, is PATIENCE! It took me about 2 months of active job searching before I landed my job. I know it's hard to be patient, but believe me when I say the right job for you will come along. Networking is also key. Put together a career portfolio that includes your resume, cover letter, letters of recommendation, license info, etc. I would also personally hand in resumes, most apps get lost when applying online. Good luck!