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  1. Highest/Lowest K+ you've ever seen

    I've never had it, given it tons of times though. One time, I came into my unit to a patient screaming bloody of her lungs, 1st thing in the morning. I asked 1 of the night nurses what was going on w/ she was to be my patient later...
  2. Now THAT'S a lab result

    Platelet of 1. Came in for something completely unrelated, UTI I believe..had some antibiotics & Sq heparin for prophylaxis, had normal Platelet count. 2 or 3 days later, Platelet count of 3, infused 6 units of platelets, rechecked the next day, ...
  3. How is University of Tampa's BSN Program?

    I would say it's as good as any of the other top university's..generally the technical ones aren't as good, but good nurses do still come out of those too. I wanna say a student had told me the other day that they had a 100% nclex pass rate right now...
  4. How is University of Tampa's BSN Program?

    There definitely is patient interaction. I didn't attend UT'S nursing program, but I do have their students assigned to me on my floor. Idk how many semesters or how long until they get to have clinicals in the hospital, but they do.
  5. Answering Call Lights

    Definitely agree. NPZ were implemented at both of the hospitals I work at and I did actually attempt to try it...wasn't Successful. For 1, not everyone participated so while some of us tried and lost time with our tasks & patients, we didn't rece...
  6. I need some encouragement?

    Competence takes time. You'll get there. Just be humble, realize what you don't know and don't be afraid of asking for help. Eventually you'll get to the point where you won't need to ask for help so much..and then you'll have people coming to you be...
  7. I need some encouragement?

    This is exactly how I felt for awhile on my 1st nursing job. You should be'll have lives in your hands. But it'll get easier as you learn more. Hopefully you'll be surrounded by a good team that will help to boost your confidence. I assu...
  8. Canadian RN relocating to Florida

    I'm an RN in Tampa and pay, with comparison to cost of living is OK. I have just under 2 years experience so the pay is approximately what someone else posted. For profit vs non profit definitely makes a huge difference. My previous hospital was for ...
  9. LOW gpa and getting into USF

    If you're referring to university of s florida...they are extremely competitive..the 1st time my friend applied with a 3.8, she didn't get in. They take into account your cum gpa AND put a lot of weight into the essay they have you write. Most, if no...
  10. Must we "pay our dues" by working night shift?

    It definitely all depends where you are and what's available. As a new grad, my 1st hospital nursing position was days. There were actually a few new grads hired on days. After a year, I applied at a hospital chain closer to my home, a daytime positi...
  11. Do you recommend Hurst Review for Nursing Students

    Idk if I would say it would help during school....but I think it definitely helped me to think nclex style in the 4th semester. If u can..taking it in the 3rd semester might have been helpful, but it helped with my nclex studying.
  12. The Six Month Scream

    My first hospital didn't have the ER give report either. AND, they wouldn't scan given medications..or, at least they didn't show up on the MAR I could see. I would be told I was getting a patient, maybe 5 min before they were sent up..and there woul...
  13. RN relocating to Clearwater Tampa area

    Baycare and Florida Hospital are great to get into. Idk about staffing agencies though
  14. Best way to learn IV skills?

    There probably is somewhere, but depending where you're working, you'll get your practice in. I work a med surg floor and do most of those things every day. You just get used to it over time.
  15. New med surg nurse advice

    A year and a half in and i still feel better prepared when I go in early. 6 months ago I started at a new hospital and many of the nurses there come in early to help themselves out. It's all about organization. You'll have plenty that will put u behi...