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I'm very irritated right now! I'm about to start junior year of my nursing program, so I know that nursing school is not cheap. I always try to plan ahead before determining the amount of student loan money to take. I always plan for the cost of tuition, books, supplies, and I also allow for a little "buffer" for extra costs. I very seldom take the entire amount of loan offered to me...only what I will need.

Before the loan money arrived we were required to pay for our yearly background check, cpr certification, and vaccines. I knew I was going to have to pay for those before my loan money arrived, so those costs were not a surprise. Then I was required to purchase another years subscription to Nursing Central, which was about 100 dollars...again, before my loan money arrived. So, after some strict budgeting I managed to purchase those requirements. My husband is the only one working to support me and our 4 children, so finding "extra" money is extremely difficult! Anyway, I received my student loan money and purchased my books and supplies. Then I received an email from one of my instructors that we are also required to make 3 additional purchases before the start of class. Classes start this coming Monday. So I looked into these purchases...the first one was $65.00, okay, I can handle that price. The next one cost $100.00, and the final one cost $135.00! That is an extra $300.00 that I had no idea I was going to have to spend! I really wish that I had been told about this before I took out my loan because I would have taken out more! I was looking forward to getting a new outfit/scrubs and possibly having my hair cut/colored, but it looks like that may not be happening now. Is my school the only school that does this?? I feel that we should be told of ALL cost before we take out our loans!

Thanks for allowing me to vent my frustrations :)


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Thats awful :/ I havent taken out student loans yet, but I'm looking into it, just in case I need to in the future, and mostly for living expenses. I cannot work as much as I would like to, so I'm unsure of how to pay for anything yet, I will have to see my total monthly income before deciding what to do. I am also afraid of being hit with extra costs for the nursing program, so far I'm good, but you never know.

Any way you could possibly find those books used off Amazon, or a prior addition?


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Private loan, or through school? We can go to Financial Aid through almost the end of the semester and increase our loan amount if needed, might be worth checking.

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What are the extra fees for? Are they something that you can get used or borrow? Are they "required" or "suggested"?

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A painful lesson to learn: Increase your "buffer." Don't cut it is so close next time. If you borrow a little extra in the beginning and don't need it ... don't spend it, set it aside. Then you can borrow less the next semester.

That's what I did. I graduated with some of my loan still in my bank account. I paid that money back immediately when I graduated so that it didn't accrue interest.


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The loans are through school. I will have to look into increasing the amount...I didn't know that I could have them send me more money even after I have already received the initial loan amount. Good to know :) To lhflanurse- the extras are internet downloads such as student EHR and ATI tutorials, and they are requirements, unfortunately.


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Yes llg- I will be sure to increase the "buffer" next time :) I just hate to take more than needed because I know I'd probably spend it and not save it! Thanks for the advice :)

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To lhflanurse- the extras are internet downloads such as student EHR and ATI tutorials, and they are requirements, unfortunately.

Bummer! It is amazing that schools don't have this information if the instructors are requiring them, they should be included as "additional fees" such as your equipment.


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Sorry...I hate that! I am just starting my program and class starts next week. We were given a list of things we needed (scrubs, bp cuff). When I got my syllabus for one of the classes, I found out a laptop was required! Ugh. Sounds like you've already gotten good advice - build a bigger buffer next time. Guess your hair will have to wait...bummer.


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I think you can actually go to financial aid and ask for an increase request! I saw it when I filled out my loan form. Hope this helps! Good luck! It will all pay off!


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We have had tuition increases at the last minute. It was sort of frustrating. As for purchases, usually they will tell us we don't need something. I would also use to make sure that the price is "fair". However, it is usually better to do it as some items can take some time to arrive.


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My first semester was inundated with costs outside of tuition/books! It was really stressful to have another 85-100$ fee every time I turned around! This year is better but not a ton. CPR class, renew my insurance, new parking tag, etc. That's nursing school for you!