Financial Aid for Pre Nursing?


Hello everyone. To those that are in Pre-Nursing how did your school do the financial aid? For instance, most schools you have to be "accepted" into the Nursing Program, but say you go to a community college...You must be matriculated into a program for financial aid so are you technically matriculated into the Nursing program although you are pre-nursing?

I hope I didn't confuse you...I am asking because I am applying for Fall 2009, however I know I am going to get denied because I still MAY need to take a class or two if I decide not to pay for them out of pocket over the summer. So will they accept into a matriculated nursing program, but have me waiting so I can take the pre req's in order to start the Nursing classes. This is the only way I will get some aid, my EFC is 0 so I don't want to pay out of pocket if I don't need to. I rather wait another year to start Nursing classes.


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For financial aid purposes, I do believe that they put you in whatever

program Nursing falls under; for me that would be Health Science. Once

I have my acceptance letter for the Nursing program that's when it

changes. Sounds like it may be pretty much the same for you. I'm choosing

to pay out of pocket for 1 class so I can get acceptance for fall. But that's

me. And once you have official acceptance, that's when financial aid can put

you in for the actual nursing scholarships, grants, loans, etc. Hope I helped

some! Best of luck to you!!

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Okay I think I get it. So basically I would most likely get "accepted" and I can do my A & P II and Nurtrion class, then I would get re-evaluated along with my TEAS score before actually starting the clinical part. Sounds good to me :) I don't want to rush and do poorly in these classes, so maybe I will wait another year to start clinicals-ARGH!


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FCCJ gave me Dual Enrollment -> AA and AS (RN). The first said "Y" in the "Accepted into program" field and the second says "N". (Final day for apps for summer is upon us....should find out in the next 8 weeks!) Back to topic....Just talk to the counselors, they can walk you through the process! :D

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Ok cool. I keep going back and forth whether I just bang out all the classes I need over the late Spring and Summer (but I REALLY don't have the money) So I can start clinicals this Fall, or I will have to wait until next Fall.



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At my school we are enrolled in General Studies until we are accepted in to the nursing program. This is also necessary for me because of my GI Bill.


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I would double check with the FA advisor and also with the nursing dept/advisor if you haven't already. Your school may also offer monthly pymts to them if you have to pay out of pocket. That way you wouldn't have to wait a year and it could be more feasible possibly. But I would def. double check.

Good luck!

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