Financial Aid for CNA course


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None of the community colleges offer financial aid for CNA courses in my area and I don't qualify for WorkFirst/WorkSource because I registerd a friends car in my name.

Why do colleges require this as a prereq for RN programs but don't cover it with financial aid? I can't afford $1000+ to complete a class so I'm looking into private scholarships to cover my tuition and fees. It seems like only either the really poor (covered by Workfirst) or rich (who can spend a grand) can now apply to RN programs here because no one else can get into CNA courses!

I would like to know how some of you financed your CNA program and if there is any way to get FASFA financial aid to cover it!


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I'm sorry you're having problems financing it mamayogibear. CNA certification is required by my school to apply to the NS as well. No financing was available for my CNA class either.

I had to save up to take it and use the 4 month payment plan offered by the CC to spread it out so it was doable. I'm not rich by any means, but I knew it was coming so I started saving up for it. It came to about $720 at my school.

What about finding a LTC facility that will pay for you to train there? It may take longer, but the cost would be covered. Maybe you could find another less expensive program where you are at, $1000 seems high. As well, you might also want to look into having the registration changed if it is affecting your ability for funding.

Good luck to you!


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Our class is roughly that amount after you pay for stethoscope, scrubs, background, drug test, etc. The class itself is $700.

No fincancial aid here either. I think that is because short term certificates don't qualify for aid..but I don't know for certain. I do know that it is 9 credits so w/each credit being $78 at our CC that works out correctly.

Don't forget to check w/your local LTC facilities as well :)


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Thanks for the replies. I just found out that there is a private scholarship that pays for a private tech schools CNA program tuition, fees and supplies that is open only to single parents. I did the online application and essay (very informal via email) and have an interview on Tuesday! The particular tech school also moves graduates of their CNA program to the top of the waitlist for their LPN program and if their LPN graduates to the top of the waitlist for the RN bridge. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed I get the scholarship otherwise I will have to wait until April to save enough $ to take the course.


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Hi mamayogibear,

I know this thread is 2 years old, but I'm having the same problem and I'm a single mom, too. I was wondering if you could give me that scholarship information? Or if anyone else knows of private schlolarship information for private tech schools. I am currently on SSDI and am looking to enroll in a CNA program but there is no way I can afford it without some sort of financial assitance. I'm going to definitely check into the local LTC facilities while I wait. Thanks!


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In my area the Workforce program can pay for a CNA training if you qualify. They will have you take the TABE test and take it from there. Good luck!


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Thats how my cna class is getting paid for (wia) thru Illinois workforce. I can get up to 11,000 for a healthcare related program,so after I complete this I will use the balance for the LPN course. It can be a very quick process if you take the tabe test do good and with any paperwork they give you to complete.

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I live in the capital area of Ca and only could find community college and private CNA schools. The community college class fills up super fast. The private schools cost from 900 to 2000 for a Cna class.

I just found out that the outlying smaller cities, like an hour away, still offer free Cna training through local skilled nursing facilities. I have no idea how you'd get a full list of every program in your area, just want to say that a free program could be hiding!