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finally passed NClex PN with 85 questions.

by My drea My drea (New) New

I am a foreign nurse. Graduated in 2009.

Since 2014 I was struggle to pass my NClex, failed 6 times, August 21st 2017, finally passed with 85 questions. I first used Sanders, Ncsbn review, hurst review. I asked for help around. At last I used NClex mastery very easy to use everywhere, Exam Cram, and Uworld pn review, the bomb. I had quite working on the floor as a CNA to work one to one with clients. As a mother of 3 I needed a way to help me get more time to study.

The week before my exam I took a all morning to pray, my anxiety was gone. The day of my exam I prayed before and with each questions.

The next day my husband checked my board and my license number was already on. I will never stop thanks Jehovah my God. All the glory to him!

Now, I have my license under PA board, I am trying to transfer to GA, hopefully the process will not be to long can't wait to start working as a nurse my dreams come true. Thank you Jehovah!

To all of you out there NEVER GIVE UP!

If I can do it, any one can do it!

Awesome news ... congratulations ... this motivates me even more ... I just received my exam cram pm book this weekend and I'm going to try and read the whole book this weekend since we have 3 day weekend due to the upcoming holiday ... I hear a lot of great things so hopefully I can gain some more knowledge with this book ... congratulations again