finally hit the one year mark! new decisions need to be made...



I finally hit the one year mark!! :yes: and yes I couldn't have done it without the support from you people! I still remember being a new grad and jobless and desperate... ::shudders::

Lately I've been thinking of going to a different hospital. Nothing is wrong here, I LOVE the hospital and my coworkers. I just want to be closer to family. Now my question is: should I put my current job as a reference?? I don't want my current job knowing that I want to leave - it will definitely take me a long time to find a job where home is (city!!). I feel they might view me differently? BUT on the other hand, I don't have any other nursing references just because this was my first RN job...

Help / advice needed!



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I would say put them down. Most of the places I've interviewed at have asked me if it's ok to contact all my references. I have, at different times, explained to them that I did not want my current place of employment to know I was searching for a new job because they may cut my hours. Also, some applications have a box that you can checkmark that says something to the effect of "Contact my current employer only after an offer of employment has been made" meaning that they will not contact your current employer until they have already offered you a position. At that time, if the current employer was to give you a bad reference, you would be denied employment at the new place.

This clears up a lot! Thanks so much I will be doing just that!

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congrats on the one year mark!

Thanks!! I can't believe it!!! And I still feel like such a newb!