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  1. liljd

    Med-Surg ICU Swedish First hill 2017

    Did you ever get the job? I have an interview tomorrow for first hill ICU. Do you remember what questions they asked you? I am nervous!
  2. liljd

    Providence TIP Programs for August 2017

    I submitted mine the moment the application was posted. I am not sure if it even makes a difference. I should also mention i am not a new grad, but would be new to specialty for oncology.
  3. liljd

    Providence TIP Programs for August 2017

    I have been contacted for an interview for tele/oncology night shift position at little company of mary torrance. It was a nice surprise!
  4. liljd

    Swedish August Residency 2017

    I have been contacted for the critical care fellowship program just yesterday with experience of 2 years medical/surgical. Not sure if they start with the residency program as well.
  5. liljd

    Providence TIP Programs for August 2017

    They are anticipating a start hire date for external new hires either on august 7th or august 14th due to required orientations prior to the program. The TIP program will start on August 28th. Interviews will be scheduled the first few weeks on June. Hope that helps! I am applying as a fellow and not a new grad.
  6. liljd

    USC Versant New Grad Aug 2015 Cohort

    someone also updated the facebook page that supposedly some units have been called for interviews while other units are waiting for the financial budget to be finalized beginning in July.
  7. Has anyone heard back for an interview? The units I applied to are Med/Surg Telemetry and CT Telemetry. Some people have received rejection emails, but I am wondering if that is for the OR program only.
  8. liljd

    Nurse Corps Scholarship Program

    I am recipient and my obligation is over in 4 months. I cannot wait! I think it will all depend on where you end up to fulfill your obligation. Finding a job right off the bat is not easy. I ended up at a community clinic in Los Angeles that hardly provided any training- somehow I've managed leading our compliance with joint commission and developed a stronger infection control program among other duties. I am somewhat thankful for the experience, but I'm determined to leave and find a job that will support my professional development and not just pile administrative duties on me.. As a new grad, make sure they give you training.
  9. liljd

    Crash Cart Training

    How do other clinics handle crash cart training? Do you teach all staff how to use the ambubags and oral airways? I've been at my clinic for over a year now and have inherited certain responsibilities I've never been trained on. When I first stepped in as a new graduate nurse desperate to get a job as an HRSA Nurse Corps Scholarship recipient, I didn't have an identified role of what I would be doing by my supervisor. I was told we would be getting a Director of Clinical Services since i got hired, but that has never happened. I have been in charge of maintaining our crash carts, lead our infection control program, lead our Joint Commission accreditation maintenance, do chart audits, and provide direct patient care. I have changed our policy for our crash carts by doing a risk assessment and got rid of all IV supplies since we aren't too far from a hospital. What more should I do in regards to training for my employees when i haven't received any training on the cart except in checking off the supplies?
  10. [h=5]I'm conflicted about taking a position at a family clinic in Los Angeles where there will be no training provided yet they will expect me to perform as an experienced nurse and the only nurse there. I'll have to do everything a clinic nurse does with a huge scope working from peds to older adults while also managing the MAs and LPNs. It's a pretty autonomous position. The pay is 30/hr. This sounds too risky to me with no training, but i know how rough the job market is right now. I have to make my decision by tomorrow...should I take it knowing that there might be something better that comes along? I just started the volunteer process with the VA and know a nurse working in the ER who said they could get me a job there. I also have a phone interview this Monday with AltaMed, which could be promising. My position here is different because I am an HRSA Nurse Corps Scholarship recipient and I have to serve at a specific facility. [/h]
  11. I'm wondering where that facebook group disappeared to as well...i thought it was just acting up for me.
  12. I haven't done mine yet, but I hear people are finding out they owe back around that much via the facebook group. I'm not looking forward to doing mine.
  13. liljd

    White Memorial RN Residency August 2013

    I'm waiting to hear too. Let me know if you do.
  14. I wish that list actually had jobs available haha. Are we really given just five months to look for a job? I fear I will have to work out of state. Will they help us find a facility that for sure has jobs available if it has to be out of state? Seems like it's going to be a long and tiring process finding a job, plus I will have to take my NCLEX. Thanks.
  15. How did it all turn out and how are things now? I'm about to start my practicum in med/surg and I am nervous!
  16. liljd

    Any advice for a peer interveiw?

    good luck!