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  1. Heavenly4505

    Cincinnati State Technical College-- Has anyone ever attended?

    Hi Sarahanne, Yes, Cincinnati State still has an evening LPN program. I am getting ready to graduate from it in April. Some of the Oaks campuses only have day classes, others only have evening classes. Some have both. If you look on Cincinnati State's website, you can look up more information about the program. It tells you which campuses offer evenings and which offer days. I'm not sure where you live, but I attend Live Oaks in Milford, and they only do evenings. To apply to the program, you need to fill out the online application to Cincinnati State. It's free, just complete it online. Then you need to attend an information session (a list of dates on their website), take the Compass test if you don't have transfer credit, and meet an advisor. If you place into any developmental courses with the Compass test, you will need to take those before you can start the actual program. As for working during the day and attending class at night, I've done it the whole way through the program, but it's been HARD. We had some students who started out trying to work full-time, and of those, only one is left. Most of us work part-time, though. I think only about three students in my whole class don't work at all. People will try to tell you not to work when in nursing school, but the truth is some of us have no choice. I still needed a paycheck even though I decided to go back to school. I also have two small children at home, as do several of my classmates, which makes it a lot harder. But it's totally doable. Good luck!
  2. Heavenly4505

    40yr old guy needs advice on STNA

    Hello, Sorry to chime in late on this post. I am getting ready to graduate from the LPN program at Cincy State/Great Oaks in March 2011. There is NO waiting list for the LPN program. I think you are talking about the RN program. There is about a 2 to 3-year wait for that degree. I do know Cincy State is going to be changing from quarters to semesters next year, so who knows how that will affect all of those programs there. Anyway, if you have any questions about the LPN program specifically, please feel free to ask.
  3. Heavenly4505

    Has anyone attended University of Rio Grande???

    BrittRN21, Can you give us an example of what your clinical schedule was like? What days, times, etc., and was there any freedom in setting up those clinical times or did you pretty much just have to show up when and where they told you? I will be graduating in March 2011 with my LPN from Cincinnati State/Great Oaks School of Nursing, and I MUST work full-time. I have no choice due to finances, so nearly all on-campus RN programs are going to be out for me. I am looking into Excelsior, ISU online LPN-BSN program, and the Rio Grande online one. I can't find much info regarding clinical schedule for the Rio Grande online program. Any response would be appreciated! Thanks!
  4. Heavenly4505

    Boehecker College(Cincy Area)

    NvrGivnUp, I do not believe that Tri-State Med Academy is in operation anymore. I remember reading an article in the newspaper a couple of months ago stating that they were closing down due to poor enrollment (I'm not sure if they closed permanently or just for the time being). They used to have a website, but it's been shut down. They blamed it on the economy, but when I checked them out last year, they did not offer ANY form of financial aid--no loans, grants, or anything. They told me they could set me up on a "payment plan," but that does not help me. I work as a STNA, and my husband is currently unemployed. We have two small children at home and could not afford to make any kind of monthly payment. I am sure their lack of financial aid funding probably played a huge role in their poor enrollment figures. I think you will like the Cincy State/Great Oaks program. Good luck.
  5. Heavenly4505

    Cincinnati State Technical College-- Has anyone ever attended?

    NvrGivNUp, Hello. Well, I am in the evening program at the Live Oaks campus. Your schedule does vary by term, and if you don't have to take the Bio courses, you will spend a LOT less time in class/labs than your classmates who do. I did not have to take the Bio courses because I had taken A & P 1,2,and 3. First term, I only went three nights a week. Second term, I had to go all four evenings but one evening was clinical, one was skills lab, the other two were lecture. Third term, I had to go all four evenings -- two were clinicals, one was lab, one lecture. We are entering fourth term, and clinicals will be Monday and Tuesday evenings from 5:30-9:30, lecture Wednesday and Thursday from 5:30-7:30. You will rarely stay until 10:00 PM on lecture nights, well depending on your instructor. As for switching campuses, we were told that under NO circumstances would we be allowed to change from one campus to another without starting the whole program over again. However, we have had one student in our class who did switch from the Live evening program to Scarlett day program. I don't know how she managed to get it done because another classmate asked to transfer and was denied. At any rate, good luck and I think you'll enjoy the program.
  6. Heavenly4505

    Advice Please...

    People are going to tell you things, and you cannot listen to all of it. I live in Ohio near the Kentucky state line (Milford), and I am getting my LPN at Cincinnati State/Great Oaks. I've had people tell me the same thing. I currently make around $12/hr as an aide in a LTC facility, so I'm almost certain I will start out much higher than that as a LPN. In fact, I have a friend who is a LPN and she is making $22/hr in a nursing home (that includes shift differential--I think the base rate was $18/hr). It all depends on where you want to go with your LPN. I plan to get my RN but maybe not right away. I have young children at home on top of working and school, and I need to regroup before I go back for my RN. To make a long story short, I don't think there's anything wrong with earning your LPN and then continuing on for a RN. Either way, you will be a nurse. Think of it this way. You've already been accepted for the LPN program. What if you turn that down, reapply for the RN program, and DON'T get in. Then your left without a Nursing degree at all. Ultimately it's YOUR decision, but that is what I would do. Good luck!
  7. Heavenly4505

    Cash and Food Assistance

    Hello, I receive food stamps, medicaid, and daycare assistance for my children, myself, and my husband. My husband lost his job and his unemployment ran out. He has applied everywhere but has had no luck finding a job. So, he's currently working toward a college degree as a full-time student. I work part-time as a nurse's aide and am attending college for my LPN. I have two small children, a 5 year old and 4 year old. We do not qualify for cash assistance because my son's social security comined with my income puts us over the limit. We do qualify for everything else, though. Just so you know, they will give you daycare assistance vouchers to use while you are in school, on top of the food stamps and medicaid. I used to get cash assistance when my oldest child was a baby (I was a single mom), and they MAKE you either work or go to school or both. They can help you find a job if you are interested in that while you're in school. They will also assist you with making childcare arrangements. I've been blessed to have wonderful caseworkers who want us to succeed. Good luck to you.
  8. Heavenly4505

    2 months preggo and starting to apply...HELP

    There's a girl in my LPN program who had a baby towards the end of our second term and was just fine. It was her second pregnancy though. She went into labor on a Tuesday, missed Wednesday and Thursday night lectures, and returned for clinicals on Monday. She said it was hard, but she did it. I, personally, remember how sick I felt during my pregnancies (especially the first one), and I don't know if I could do what she did. She also breastfeeds and pumps between classes/clinicals. If you think you can handle, go for it. You wouldn't be the first woman to give birth during a nursing program. I think I would wait, however, because I know my tolerance level. I don't think I could do it, but if you can, then good luck!
  9. Heavenly4505

    LPN school part-time and work?

    I am in my third term of a 16-month evening LPN program, and I work 24 hours a week (two 12-hour weekend shifts) as a nurse's aide. I also have two young children at home and carry a 4.0 GPA. Nearly all of us in my class work at least part-time, a few work full-time, and several of us have children (two ladies each have four kids and work while doing the program!). It is totally doable; it's not always fun or easy, but you do what you have to do. Quitting work for school was NOT an option for me. I think it's good to work at least a little while completing your program. You will have a better chance of getting a job when you graduate, and you will show employers that you have time-management skills. Good luck!
  10. Heavenly4505

    How did you maintain school and work?

    I work 24 hours a week (two 12-hour weekend shifts) as a nurse's aide in a nursing home while going to school for my LPN. In addition, I have a five-year old and four-year old at home. My husband is also a full-time student. Most of us in my LPN program do work and several of us have children; two ladies in my class each have four children and work pretty much full-time while doing the program. I actually think it's a good idea to work at least a little while you are earning your degree. You have a better chance of getting a job when you are finished. It can be done; just learn to manage your time wisely. I'm in my third term of the LPN program and carry a 4.0 GPA on top of having kids and a job. Good luck.
  11. Heavenly4505

    Working while in a program

    Hello, I have two small children at home, and I work 24 hours a week as an aide in a nursing home/assisted living facility (12 hours on 3rd shift Friday and Saturday) while working toward my LPN. Some people will tell you not to work during the program, but for some of us it is not an option! In my class, most of us work. You gotta do what you gotta do. I plan to go right on for my RN after getting my LPN, and I will be working FULL-TIME as a LPN while doing that. I actually disagree with people that say you should work AT ALL during a program. I think it's a good idea to work at least a little. I don't care what anyone says; it DOES improve your chances of getting a nursing job after graduation when you've worked as an aide or tech during your program. Everyone has their opinion but that is just mine.
  12. I am in a 16-month LPN program, and I am a mother of two children--5 and 4 years old. I am not single; I am married, but my husband is also a full-time student and is gone a lot. I am currently maintaining a 4.0 GPA, and on top of school and family life, I work 24 hours a week as a CNA (two 12-hour shifts on the weekends). I can't say it's easy, nor can I say it's fun. But it's definitely doable. I generally stay up late at night studying or get up early in the mornings to study while the kids are still asleep. I really don't have any family support other than my husband, either. Both of my parents have passed away and my in-laws live nearly two hours away. There are several ladies in my class who have three or four children. You just have to learn how to manage your time. If the rest of us can do it, you can, too! Good luck.
  13. Heavenly4505

    Galen College of Cincinnati

    I could be wrong, but I do not believe that Galen College in Cincinnati has an LPN program. I checked them out quite a while ago, and they only have straight RN program and LPN-RN program. It could have changed in the time it's been since I looked at them, but I know they previously did NOT have an LPN program.
  14. Heavenly4505

    Cincinnati State Technical College-- Has anyone ever attended?

    Hello, In response to RubyJean, I posted quite a bit of info already. If you have any specific questions, please let me know, and I'd be happy to answer them. PinkySam, there is no waitlist for the LPN program. Several of my classmates are working on the general ed courses for the RN program while earning their LPNs. If you are planning to earn the LPN first, you do not need to be on the RN waitlist. It is the understanding of my class that you "skip" the waiting list for the RN program by getting your LPN first. However, you do have to have 1000 hours of work experience as a LPN to apply for the RN program at Cincy State. I am planning to earn my LPN through them and then work on my RN online through a different school.
  15. Heavenly4505


    I started an LPN program in November 2009 and am finishing up my second term. It's a 16-month evening program. I work part-time (around 20 hours/week) and also have two small children at home. Nearly all of my classmates work, have children, or both. It's hard but doable. You just have to learn some good time management skills. Most of us are doing very well in the program while managing our outside lives.