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Finally Got Mt ATT#

Okay everyone,

I finally gotten my ATT# today and I am so happy. Finally I can take the test again...WOW. I wasn't for sure what day or time would be good. I took it last time on a Wednesday at 8a there was a long line out of the door . I finally got in to take the test about 8:45 ..there was over 20 people there for the 8a test. When I was leaving there were only a few people coming for the 2pm test...nobody was there . It was so quite and there was only 2 people taking the test. I even thought about driving out of town. maybe I will try the late test to give myself sometime to relax? What worked for you...?


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That is something that only you know. For me I am NOT a morning person and my testing center was over an hour away. The problem was the only other time of day offered at the testing center was at 2pm. I have migraines/cluster head aches and they tend to peek at 2pm. In order to off set them I would need to drink something with caffeine. Seeing as drinks are not allowed in the test center, which would likely cause me to have both a migraine and a caffeine withdrawal that left me with a tough decision. So I picked the lesser of 2 evils and went with the 8am. If you have other options for a smaller less populated testing center maybe consider looking into it. Good Luck!

Yeah I was thinking that also ...then I will be more relax not looking around. I work nights so I am not a morning or evening person. But I think I will take a after noon one at 2:14pm on a Monday. I heard that is a good day of the week, before at a 8a on a Wednesday. I wanted to change it all up... Now time to get the big studying going less then 31 days now to take the test. The test center is open from 8a to 8p..


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