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Finally it confirmed that i am RN now.... waoooooo i am so sos happy


i took my exam on 12/12/12 ...lucky date for me and computer shut off at 75 question. at that time i had both kind of feeling that may be m passed or may be m failed...was not sure to definitely fail:no:. then after i hour i tried pvt and i got good pop up, i jumped with joy...but before celebration i want to confirmed it. so today it confirmed... i saw it on ca website..... as i am foreign nurse... i am from india , but now m here from last 1 year. i completed my all study in india..from my 1st std to bsn..( now bsn RN):snurse:. so honestly it is difficult for me... so here is my study tips and how i prepare myself for this tough exam....

1- six month ago i started from saunder, i read this book page to page. completely twice in 3 month. and did question which is at the end of each chapter. and yes side by side make notes v v v v brief of those which was hard to remember . like 1-1 line notes.

2. then i bought lipponcott book of q/a. and started to answer 1 chapter/ unit in one day. and it help me alot alot alot.it makes me familiar to answer more and more q. i finished it in one month.

3- then i start saunder q/a book. and i felt that book is preety easy than lipponcott .
because lippponcott prepare me to ans hard q and and with in 2 weeks i finished that book..honestly i dont like that so much...q were so easy and straight.

4 - then i took master of nclex prepration...
KAPLAN. did all qbank. all qt include readiiness exam and diagnostic exam...and listen how to answer question, how to eliminate...etc etc.... DECISION TREE is great ,, BUT BUT honestly i m unable to use it on each q....sometime i used or sometime not. so did this in 2-3 month....and feel confident.

5 -
at last i but PDA book by lacharity....i think everyone should have this...great great to prioritize , delegation...question. i love this.
its toooo hard than other but it must.... i hate case study... very time consuming.

6 . i used other material too . like occasionaly exam cram, ncsbn, med surg question ...etc etc etc but mentioned above.. was my main focused.....and throuout pray to GOD and my hard work......
and my dedication to study.....i studied 4-6 hours a day..... i was foreigner nurse so that was challlenge for me. i sacrifised so much for this test ..so thats why today o gained this... m married .moreover joint family.. so mutlitask...hv to look after of everything........"NO GAIN WITHOUT PAIN".


so my heartly best wishes and good luck to all of u who are test taker.....my advise is studt hard ..... do more more more question /question and question........ it will prepare you for exam.

7. i had 6-10 sata , 4-5 medicine. 4-5 make in order q, 1 picture question, one question about intake calculation, rest all priority question and delegation. question was so breif and straight .2 options are so so closed. but easy than kaplan and pda. but still nedd to know about topic and content.... GOOD LUCK...ALLNURSES SITE HELP ME ALOT. THANKS.


A big congratulation to you for passing the exam and posting your study tips! Happy Holidays!

thanks chicagoboyrn....u too happy holiday

Hi I am too foreign trained too. My message don't work . I have questions. Can u please e-mail me?Kin_us04@hotmail.com. Thanks in advance.

Congrats I hVe same story but I am big procrastinator : ( I do not able to stick to plans but I wanna Do it...

Congratulations !!!

why not you delete some massage and make a space..? i got your email id...i ll

thanks freinds....:)

Congratulation!!!!!!! Well done

hey prem kaur nice to help you.... tell me how can i help you?

Hi shergill nav I need ur help I m not able to make my timetable n I have kids. I m full time mom I think this is really hard time for me..... Plzz if u suggest how to do studies??

hi.. yes i know its tough job to take care of baby and to study side by side. i know continue study not possiblr for youlike3-4 hour.....so i suggest you thatstudy in partition.1 hour in morning, 1 hr in noon and 2 hr in night..and do more and more question and read rational and write down important note...