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Final exam stress

Hi everyone,

Ok Finals week is here. I am a senior nursing student and I think I am about to lose my mind.:chuckle Does anyone have any suggestions on how to deal with finals stress. I am not doing well with my stress level.


I recommend lots of alcohol, cigarettes and comfort foods...:chuckle

Hehe, sorry, but it seems to be true for me. I'm in my senior year of pre-nursing, and I can only imagine how stressed you must be. My friends and I LITERALLY burst out laughing in the middle of organic chemistry wondering how we are going to make it.

If you don't want to go on the self-destruction route I'm going, there's always the other things I do: hot baths, soothing music (I like Deep Forest), prayer, and a good book.

Oh, and don't forget to sleep! :D

I wish you lots of luck and hope this helped at least a little bit!

Thank you for your reply, I thought about the alcohol, cigarette, comfort food route.

I have decided I will go home tonight, take a hot bath, and listen to some soothing music. If this doesn't help maybe I will go with your first suggestion:p .

I know I can do this, I just have to keep repeating that.

Thanks again.!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am also about to go into finals week..I am in VN school and this first semester has been mind bending...but what i have found really works for me is to not over study...there is no way you are going to be able to cram in all the info at once just breath and remember you have been at this a while and you know it...dont let others around you get you worried that you dont know everything..they dont either...I dont go into the class room till right before the test and i dont talk to anyone else or take out my book...it will do nothing but freak you out and make you forget everything you know...and pray..God is behind you all the way and he has got you this far he can get you the rest of the way..just have faith...and when finals are over PARTY...have some fun...


I should be studying right now. I should have studied earlier this afternoon, or at least sometime today! Instead I deal with my stress by Christmas shopping online....lol :rotfl:

I am seriously feeling the "end of the term burnout" too...and I am only a Junior. Fortunately I am pulling a 98% average in all my classes so I'd really have to screw sumthin' up on my finals to lower my grade.

We are done December 7th and it can't get here soon enough!!!! Hang in there, you are not alone. =)


Thanks guys, my finals are today. LOTS and LOTS of prayers and maybe just crying a little or maybe ALOT :crying2: Wish me luck, I kind of feel like I may pass out!!!:rolleyes: Good luck to everyone with finals this week and next.

Thanks guys, my finals are today. LOTS and LOTS of prayers and maybe just crying a little or maybe ALOT :crying2: Wish me luck, I kind of feel like I may pass out!!!:rolleyes: Good luck to everyone with finals this week and next.

Good luck to you. You will survive. I need to study but am so tired of school too. (SIGH)

Oh, can I relate! My final is in 45 minutes and I'm listening to loud music and reading this web site. I think you can overstudy. I'm as ready as I can be. I'm sitting at a 92% but will probably drop to a B for final grade. I can only miss 10 of 105 questions -- I'll give it my best shot for the A but if not, I'll be happy with a B. Good luck to you. Take your time, read the question twice, mark out the wrong anwers and then decide the best answer left between the 2 "right" ones. You'll do fine! :wink2:

NeoNurseTX, RN

Specializes in NICU Level III.

I wish I was already a senior! I have two more semesters to go. Lots of stress because I have a 90 even in every class so either I study my butt off and go CRAZY to keep an A, or relax a little and settle with a B.

Right now it's time for a nap!

Yeah I am very happy, I ended up with a 90% on my Med-Surg final and a 92% on my Pharmacology final. I am going to celebrate!!! Thanks for everyones support and encouragement.:rotfl:

Great job. As I expected, I dropped to a B for my final grade but I can live with that. The class average was a "C" for the final grade by 0.8 of a point!

A B is great. I work for an oncologist that tells me not to get hung up on a grade point average. Your patients will not know if you are an A nurse or a C nurse, they will respect you as their nurse. She is a wonderful doctor and I respect everything she says, she was a RN before she went to medical school.

Good for you......celebrate!!! Get rest also..but celebrate!!

Little Panda RN, ASN, RN

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Congrats Amberc and remember "B" is considered above average. I am also finishing up this semester and I will be glad when it is over. The college I am in for my practical nursing takes alot of work to get and "A". You need a 94% to achieve it , so needless to say I will be happy with a "B".

I'm approaching "Finals Week" also!! But first I gotta pass 2 tests on Thursday, and that will set the tone for my final grade. I'll be so glad when its over.

I am still doing my pre-reqs and our finals are up too. I am so tired i could cry. I say thinking positive is the best remedy. Just know that it will son be over. Do your best because your best can't get any better. I wish you lots of luck. I know when I get there I will need it too.


:melody: congrats, amber!!! i've been thinking about you--great job, girlie!!:melody:

OK - Here are the Details ---Senior Level

Hesi got canceled tommorow because of impending snow....

Peds Final on Monday at 7am, 80 questions, can miss 17 questions to pull out a C as final grade for Class. If I do better I will get a C+, Looking to do better.

Next Med Surg Final - Thursday at 9am - 87 average, 10 point cushion to pass the class. Looking to maintain B. 75 questions.

Track Record - Have never failed a final in four year history. Record of doing well. Something about studying alot of information all at once seems to help me. Looking forward to one more semester then the big NCLEX!

I am planning on drinking more than one after finals thursday night. Maybe that's why its hard to remember all that stuff year after year.....

And I agree with the poster who said that patient's don't know if you got an A or a C on your grades, It's only for your own big head....I mean really, Isn't that why they made the NCLEX pass/fail? hb06

Peachy-you will make it to Dec 15th...I'm rooting for you!!:biggringi

No, I don't really feel like getting an A or a C is for my own big head. I am trying to maintain my grades because I would like to compete for a spot in an immersion program that only takes 2-3 students. If my grades are C's I won't have a chance. Now as far as having an RN after my name when all is said and done, an A or C doesn't matter. But for me, right now it does.


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