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Filipino Nurses, how are you?

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Please share us how you have been after graduating from college. Are you working as a nurse in the hospital? Here in the Philippines or abroad? A nurse in a BPO company? A nurse working in WHO? How are you? Do you have regrets? Or do you feel accomplished? Any advice to fresh nursing graduates?

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Guys! Here in the Philippines or abroad?

1) Most members here are females.

2) Most members here would be from "abroad," particularly this wonderful place called 'Murica!

3) This looks like a typical questionnaire from a nursing student. Is it so?

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Aw.. you changed the title on me.. that clears things up

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Don't listen to NOADLS. It's an account someone made to annoy people on purpose. (It can be very entertaining at times)

Theres an international nursing section here that you can get more replies from. It's under "World Nursing" here on AllNurses.

Welcome to the forums!

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This is my first posting for quite sometime. I have been an RN over here in California pretty close to 35 years now. I graduated nursing in the Philippines when most of the posters here weren't even born yet, yep that's pretty long ago.

I have no regrets in moving to the U.S.A., in fact I love it here. My two kids, who are now adults, were born in California. I now have three very cute grandchildren! Nursing has provided me with a stable job and income, but it was not an easy job especially when I was still working in a very busy and stress-filled trauma center, a place where I worked for close to three decades.

That phase of my nursing career ended when I retired from my hospital job several years ago and am now receiving my hard-earned, lifetime, monthly, defined-benefits pension. Since my hospital job retirement I have been working part time to keep myself occupied with helping my patients get better, but now I have plenty of time to be with my spouse and my extended family. I now have every weekends off! Yay! I can now watch the San Francisco 49ers football games and Golden State Warriors with my family! Believe it or not, my one-and-a-half year old granddaughter Mozaic gets very excited everytime she sees a football game being played on television!

Although I missed many important weekends when my kids were growing up because I had to work every other weekend, and I had to work on Thanksgiving day, Christmas day or News Year's day, I do not regret being a nurse. In fact, like most nurses, I am very proud to be a registered nurse, I have helped hundreds of my patients get well all those 35 years. Not many professions have this special privilege.

A few months ago while vacationing in a luxury southern Caribbean all-inclusive hotel I met two American RNs from the U.S. East Coast. After a lenghty conversation mostly about nursing, one of them said to me, "Isn't it nice that we nurses now earn enough that we can take vacations to nice places?"


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Hi Daly City RN, I'm currently working as an RN here at southern California and we've been planning on moving up north. Can you give me some tips on how to be able to make a smooth transition. I work as a Hemodialysis nurse inpatient and clinic. I understand that cost of living would be the biggest factor. TIA.

hi, i graduated year 2010..and now im working as a school nurse here in pasig.

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Graduated 2010, moved to US 2013 where i took my nclex and started working as dialysis nurse! So far life is good í ½í¸„

Hi. I graduated in 2008 and became a registered nurse that same year. It took me 4+ years to get my very first nursing job as a trainee in a huge Psych hospital. Before my training ends, another hospital hired me. I now have 3+ years of nursing experience and counting as a staff in a local government hospital. I love every bit of what I do as I fulfill

my duties as an Emergency Department Nurse, which is a dream come true for me. I am just waiting for my pending application to the US to go through. Meanwhile, I am reviewing for IELTS so I can try applying for Ireland while waiting for my US application.

Nursing is my second degree and I've been an RN in USA for 10 years now... and counting planning to do it for another 30 years...I enjoy it and it excites me every time I make my patient smile and able to deliver excellent care..I am content and grateful that my family can live comfortably.


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