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  1. perkyRN07

    Best hospital in Las Vegas

    Thank you so much.Yes,definitely NC does not pay their nurses good and benefits are just basic.UMC does not have a lot of opening.I wonder why they are hiring for nursing supervisors?
  2. perkyRN07

    Best hospital in Las Vegas

    Hello,I am from NC Raleigh area.I am planning to move to Las Vegas in 2 years time.I would like to hear your thoughts about the nursing work force and options to which is the most nurse friendly Hospital in the area.I have 12 years of nursing experience from med-surg,telemetry,progressive/intermediate care,Float Pool RN,Hospice and Mental health.I would like to stay at the hospital setting.Thanks a lot.Any comment will be helpful.
  3. perkyRN07

    ECU DNP Application 2017

    Hello!! Please let me know how's the program I am looking to apply next year. Thank you so much.
  4. perkyRN07

    Filipino Nurses, how are you?

    Nursing is my second degree and I've been an RN in USA for 10 years now... and counting planning to do it for another 30 years...I enjoy it and it excites me every time I make my patient smile and able to deliver excellent care..I am content and grateful that my family can live comfortably.
  5. perkyRN07

    BSN second courser

    It's doable there are lots of nursing school who takes second courser. Nursing is my second career as well and enjoying it I have been a nurse for 10 years now.
  6. perkyRN07

    Ambivalent on pursuing DNP

    Hello I've been a nurse for almost 10 yrs.I have been thinking to advance my career and take DNP course....I am not sure if it will be practical to pursue a terminal degree....I don't hve student loans right now pursuing DNP I will have 40-60k student loan depending which school....NP's does not earn that much they start as 75-90k in south and I am not sure how high is the demand by the time I finish 3-4 yrs.from now.I love bedside nursing it can be frustrating but a day off will make me wanna work again...I am making 120k a year now working 4 days a week....I want to further my studies for self fulfillment....I am the only one working in my family i have a little girl....I need your thoughts and I appreciate your time... Thank you so much.

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