FCCJ 2009 for RN applicants


Does anyone know if a score of 206 is good enough to get accepted for the RN program at FCCJ. And is it good enough to get accepted for the Nights/Weekends?


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Hmmm, can we say "search function"? :smackingf LOL!:smilecoffeecup: (There are numerous posts on the subject!)

Anyway, there is no 'guaranteed' cutoff because it will be determined by the caliber of the applicants. The regular (day) program usually has cutoff scores in the mid 180s. Last (Spring) semester's evening cutoff was in the mid 190s. Your score should be good enough....

I turned in my app for this summer/evening program with a 219. There is another member that has 217. Sooooooo, ya never know how many will be at that score level until all the apps are in!

Good Luck to you. Let us know how it goes!


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Ouch, that stung a little. As I read over my post, I guess I deserved it.

My intention was to get a grander feel of what scores were out there for this particular term. I took the NAT for the first time a couple of months ago and did not put much effort in it. At that time, it had been awhile since I even took a class. I meant to to retake it, but life happens.

Anyhoo, Thanks for the info. I wish you the best.


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It was meant to be light hearted.....I hope you took it that way! :flowersfo

If you look at the tabs above - you will see "region". Click on it and then "united states", then scroll to FL. You will get more FCCJ replies there.

I didn't put much into my NAT either. I am one of those that test well and I wasn't all that worried. IMHO, it was a fairly simple test....but then again, I thought Calculus was easy! LOL:rotfl:

I think with your score, you should be good to go! I will be the old lady with the waist length blonde hair! Lookin' forward to doing NS with you!:nurse::nurse:


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No worries, mate.

Thanks for the region/tab info. That was a huge help-now I really am a dork:bugeyes:

I should of retaken of the NAT. There a lot of high scores out there and a lot of interest for the weekends/nights program. I would kick myself if I could.


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I don't know about the nights and weekends one but I think that score is really good. For the past year, the acceptance rank has never been in the 200s for any semester, so I think you are fine.


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I know someone who just got accepted for the next term and they had a score of 196.

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