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Does anyone know what the cost of the FCCA is? I am trying to plan for it. Also what does it entail. I thought I read that you can do it from home (careplan, discharge).

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According to the "how much will your ADN cost" brochure on EC's website -- https://www.excelsior.edu/Excelsior_College/Publications/How_Much_Will_Your_Associate_Degree_in_Nursing_Cost.pdf -- it's $375. But I don't think they've finished the computer version yet, so it may cost less right now -- I think you do it by paper/pencil. As far as what it entails, I don't know -- I didn't have to take it, and students apparently aren't supposed to discuss its contents with others. However, if you look in the Examinations Brochure -- https://www.excelsior.edu/Excelsior_College/My_Excelsior_College/Publications/Excelsior_College_Examinations_Brochure.pdf -- there is some info on the FCCA.


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The paper format of the FCCA is only available through the end of this summer for $290. It's sort of like case studies. You are given pt scenarios to determine which assessments are needed. You write complete nursing diagnosis, determine which tasks to delegate and to whom. And, collaborate with other members of the health care team to determine which services will be needed after discharge.


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do you know what the other version will be after the summer. I don't know if I will have all my exams completed by the end of August, but I am aiming for it.

Thank you for the info.



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It'll be electronic after the end of the summer. But it should have the same components.


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Im taking my last exam in September so Im just going to miss the cut-off for it too. Anyone know if they have practice exams? I think they do, but havent looked that far yet...I crossing my fingers that there isnt that much of a different in the paper vs the computer version but theres really not a way to compare cause EC apparently insists that everyone is so tight-lipped about it after theyre done.



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There is a practice exam. I'm not sure but I think it's $40 or so. The exam is truly difficult to describe. Even the directions to complete it were hard to understand because they are kinda vague.

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