Favorite nursing job or specialty


I have only worked in one specialty in nursing but was looking to expand and try something different-I still like what I do but I am ready.

I would love to hear what your favorite and/or least favorite job or specialty is in nursing-I would also love to hear the whys.

Thanks for the help!


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Float nursing - hands down the best for me!

Stroke (I like other neuro, especially surgical) because it is just such a sad and debilitating disease when the effects are not reversible.


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Since I am a trauma/surgical ICU nurse, I am biased to my unit.

The best part about working in trauma is that I'm able to see my patients survive and live.

I had one patient, a female in her twentys who had a very bad car accident. We transfused her with 45 units of PRBC in my shift alone. She was started on CRRT and ecmo. The doctors already spoke to the family and even told the family to be prepared to say goodbye. Her SBP was on the 70s despite constant resuscitation and multiple pressors. When I gave report, I was even surprised that she lasted through my shift. To make my story short, she surprised everyone and walked out of the hospital after two weeks.

She was one of many success stories we had. It reminds me that we are fighting because there are people like her, people who depend on us to survive, people who we can actually make a difference with.


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Pediatrics!! I love the variety (you can have a 14 year old in one room and a four day old infant in the next). There's an underlying optimistic tone in pediatrics and I feel like I'm making a difference!

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I found my niche in ICU -- I love the challenge, the acuity and the difference I can make.

I would hate, hate, HATE anything involving children or babies. Or visiting patients in their homes.

You're going to get a lot of different answers -- everyone has their own opinions. What matters is what feels right to YOU.


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I guess the thing is I don't know what feels right to me without trying it and I don't want to jump from job to job for years. I thought if people gave the reasons why each particular specialty or unit was their favorite or least favorite than I could use that as a guide on what is likely a good fit for me. Does that make sense? Like I can see someone say I love the variety of this specialty and I think I would rather have a more specific specialty based area, that I could be an "expert" in one area, rather than multi-talented, so to speak, so that isn't for me. That kind of thing. Thank you for all of your responses!! :)


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Someone posted awhile back a really good response to a similar question. You need to evaluate what you like and what your strengths are, and you might be able to identify some areas that you might like.

1. Do you prefer fast, hectic pace or a slower, steady pace?

2. Do you prefer higher or lower stress?

3. Do you thrive in the unknown or do you love stability?

4. Do you like being more autonomous or do you prefer being part of a team?

5. Do you like children? Adults? Geriatrics?

6. Do you love nursing skills (Foley's, chest tubes, etc) or do you prefer the more interpersonal side of nursing?

7. Do you prefer knowing a lot about one thing or a little bit about a lot?

I'm sure there are more questions to ponder, but if you can answer thise, you should get a good idea of what area you might like.