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the company i work for is thinking about moving me to a different offce 30 miles away but close to my home but would make it a 55 minuted drive from home to work, right now i live out of town and it takes 30-35 minutes to drive 20 miles to make it to my office, if i agree to the move it will be a 55 minute drive vs living out of town all week how far do you drive and is it worthit

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My commute is 30 min each way, which is about my limit. I hate being in the car, I hate traffic, and I especially hate being in the car in traffic!!

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Well, I see dialysis pts at 4 different clinics - 250 pts every week. I commute 300-400 miles/week!

I have a 2008 SUV that has 90k miles on it.

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My commute is 6-8 minutes each way. No, I would not agree to a 55 minute drive unless I were being paid for that time and mileage

My commute is 15 minutes. More time for sleep!

For me it would depend on if the commute is in traffic or if you're just cruising through the country. Traffic - it decreases my quality of life.

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it is all highway

I currently drive an hour each way but would have it any other way. I live on 10ac with my family and some horses. Well worth the commute to live in the country!

I drive an hour and 45 minutes one way. But I am WELL compenstated for it! If not it would not be worth it. They really made me an offer I couldn't refuse. My kids are grown, I have a housekeeper, I don't cook much, so mainly all I do is work! I also get 45cents a mile which turns out to be a little over $400 a week just in milage so it is pretty sweet. I have to be at work at 9am so I still don't have to leave my house till 7am.

I also manage to work a part time job at an urgent care a couple of evenings a week, but it is local so no driving there!

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Hey Dixiecup - the government mileage rate is currently $0.50/mile so you might want to ask for a raise. Its updated twice a year. Our practice too compensates for all the miles we drive but at the government rate.

Don't know where you live but our gas is up to $2.90/gallon.

Wow, thanks, I did not know that! I will certainly say something about the increase!

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I drive 75 miles one way.

If I am lucky and there is no snow or ice and the deer stay off the road I can do it in an hour and 20 minutes. If not it takes longer.

I left a job that I could walk to in 90 seconds for this job and it is well worth it. I think to myself every day when I walk out the door, "I LOVE my job."

I don't like the drive most of the time and I know this winter I will hate it but it is still worth it.

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