False Positive for THC just before residency (RRNA)

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Just about to wrap up the didactic portion of my curriculum and it comes time to get credentials in order. Background checks and drug screens are requested. I oblige with no worries. UDS is provided midweek but within 24 hours of request, weekend goes by, Monday results are reported to me. I'm expecting a positive for prescription meds to which I would provide the necessary information. To my surprise my panel is positive for Marijuana. I don't smoke. I informed my director personally to explore options for recourse but to my surprise am granted no options due to the time frame that has passed and the inherent possibility that enough time had passed that I could now be negative. I immediately ordered and scheduled a duplicate screening for the following day anyway that came back negative across the board. Between the time of taking my self ordered panel and the results arriving I received an email informing me of my immediate dismissal from the program with information about a TPAPN referral. The self submit, 3rd party, BON routes are disclosed. Handbook information about reinstatement upon completion of the rehabilitation program is provided. By now I have realized there likely is nothing I can do to change their minds despite my attempts and file a grievance.

Moving forward: I am a student in good standing, and I have great grades. I have never had a problem. I am not an addict of any kind. I take OTC for aches and pains rarely and runs of heartburn. I've spent too much money and time to just roll over in this situation and am willing to go through whatever process to finish what I have started, no matter how painful or inconvenient it may be.

I do have questions though.

1. Anyone else: SRNA or RRNA found themselves in this position?

2. What TPAPN track would my situation likely warrant and how long would it take?

3. By self submitting will my Nursing License and record remain clear of this occurrence?

4. What pitfalls should I avoid starting/during/after this process?

5. Can anyone help me?


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1. Go get a hair follicle test. Expensive, yes, but it may help.

2. TAANA.org will help you find an attorney who can help you in this matter.

If you did nothing wrong, ADMIT ZERO and get an attorney. Do not tell anyone what is going on and do not discuss the situation on social media, etc.

Good luck!

If you don’t smoke and have taken anything that would cause a positive for THC then I would definitely NOT roll over a take it. I would lawyer up and fight! Get a hair follicle test. That will prove your innocence! Did your prescription drugs show up too or just marijuana?

If you are maintaining your innocence, do not submit!

Get a hair follicle test & an attorney ASAP!! I was in a situation of a false positive & this helped greatly.

My prescription did not show show up. I was given a very short time to self refer. Is there recourse with TPAPN if a hair follicle is negative? What was the outcome/timeframe of your legal angle?

So my story is a little weird, but similar. I am already in the “program”- actually almost finished. I had an oral swab come up +THC. I did not use THC. The board threatened my license & said I was subject to disciplinary action because I did not admit to wrongdoing. I got a hair test- totally negative and hired a lawyer. The lawyer & hair test saved me from disciplinary action, but they added a year onto my sentence. A total injustice, but I had to roll with it. You want to avoid this program at all costs- especially if you truly did not use. I would contact a lawyer ASAP & def proceed with the hair test.

The timeframe has been over 2 months and in the meantime, I had to resign from my job. I still have not been given permission to return to work.