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Anyone applying to WesternU's MSN-E program? If so, do you know when they will start the interview process? What they look for in their applicants (gpa, extracurricular, etc)?

Current students--What were your stats like?

Any information would be helpful =)

Thanks in advance!

I'm applying to Western U!

Here are my stats, what are yours?

Last 60 GPA: 3.4

Science GPA 3.73

Pre Reqs. GPA 3.9

I've taken the TEAS exam and the GRE and scored high in both, but they are not required. I am taking my last pre req: Stats. I have a summer of volunteering at a local health clinic and i'm starting at another one soon. I have shadowed Nurses, Doctors, PAs, FNPs and residents, I'm confident I know where I want to be as far as a practice goes, FNP! (Although less confident in the my ability to get into a program like this)

What about you?

Hi ilnurse15,

wow you should have NOTHING to worry about. You'll definitely get in somewhere. are you applying to other schools too?

Im from a totally different background. I got my BA in Psychology. Was going to get into Optometry but my feelings towards it changed. I really just have a lot of work in the optical field. Lots of shadowing and volunteer work. Since the beginning of the year I kept questioning myself if being a Optometrist was what I wanted for my career. Something was always missing for me to fully commit myself to this field. What really made me change my mind was when I went on a international mission to Paraguay this summer and i got to work with nurses and surgeons in the opthalmology department. It really inspired me to want to do more and help even more people than i had already helped. Although my shadowing and experiences weren't as great as yours, I am confident that I nursing is what I want to do. I also got into a volunteering program here were we volunteer for a year a hospital and you get to rotate to different departments. Im excited! =)

my stats are:

last 60- 3.3

pre-req- 3.66

when did you submit your app and sup app? have you received any confirmation?

No, I just sent everything in recently. I submitted my NursingCAS on Monday and then I just mailed my supplemental one. I don't expect that i'll hear anything until sometime early next week.

I've submitted everything on sep 14 and haven't gotten a confirmation that they received it. Will give them a few more days then i'll check to make sure.

You should check on the site that the second application is on. I looked at it today and it says submitted, but incomplete because I just sent in my signatures via USPS.

I looked online and my application was recieved and checked in to the system on the 7th. I would call them if you are worried.

Thank you! I received an email from western stating that I was missing 1/3 recommendation letters but I was certain that I had all 3 of my letters in because nursingcas sent me the confirmation. I emailed back to informed them but no response so I called. They said it was because my nursingcas was downloaded before the 3rd one came in and they haven't updated their system yet. So after calling them and informing them, I received a confirmation stating that they received all my information and is being reviewed now.

I hope I hear back from them because that means I'll get a interview. ::fingers crossed:: good luck to you! keep me posted! =)

Can you PM me what number you called, I'm curious to see where i'm at in that whole process.

sorry for the late reply.

i can't pm because apparently i have to post at least 15 posts before i can pm people.

i just called my admissions counsler. call whoever takes care of your last name.

I tried that and i got redirected, but I got the information I needed. They are making sure my application is complete, which it sounds like it is and then they will begin reviewing it. Based on who I spoke with, she seems to think my application looks good. They should be doing interviews around the end of January/ begining of February.

I just saw on the website that my application is complete and ready for review!

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