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Fall 2017 Motlow Nursing Program


I wanted to start a thread for the Nursing Program at Motlow Fall 2017?

Where does everybody stand?

What are the new requirements meaning for the Program? Does this mean less applicants this year?

Basically it seems like the new Quality point system is going to give an edge to HS students who can manage to not totally screw up the ACT, whereas someone with a college degree who just didn't take the right prerequisites at the right time might get edged out by 50 of those quality points. With a 3.6 and a 90 on the HESI, I *might* get in. Le sigh. Here's to 4 months of languishing in my own anxiety haha.

Same here, a long wait but I have some studying to do though I take my HESI exam in March. Have you already taken all the pre reqs? How was HESI exam?

That's just my goal for the HESI. Haven't taken it yet. Taking stats this summer (because when I planned it out last year it didn't matter) and I didn't think I needed English 1010 because I got out of it at university because I had a 35 on my ACT in English. But yeah. Doesn't count so I'll have to take 1010 at some point or CLEP out. The only true prerequisite courses are a &p and they're done.

That sounds like a great plan. the good thing is you can take some of your pre reqs during the program.

True. How do you feel like you're measuring up?

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I have a 3.7 gpa. I'm finished with all my pre reqs.... just waiting to take the hesi exam in March. Hopefully everything goes well. So anxious.

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Are any of yall doing the bridge program?

No, I'm doing the two year program.

I'm doing the 2 year as well. Also applying to Columbia State...

Does anyone want to share their hesi grade ? I took mine yesterday and made a 90% but my gpa is 3.3... kinda low but here goes nothing !

Sooooo have you taken the hesi yet ?

3.5 gpa with an 89.2 on the Hesi comes out to a final score of 605.

Is that including your quality points for eng 1010 and a&p and the statistics class ?

I got a 97 😊 I was shocked to be honest.. I thought the math would tank me but it was my 2nd highest score lol.

I believe they calculated 3.6?

I have 25 quality points for A+P and that's it.